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Greatly South of Artahka

Rayuna is the home island of the Crynok.


The island was created along with the universe by the Great Beings, with the Crynok race placed there to inhabit it. The Crynok created towns, which evolved into cities, then increased their technology until it rivaled Metru Nui's. They soon had to create a militia to preserve order, which they did.

About 33,000 BGC, the Crynok were pulled into a civil war the Yelnir were having, and they had to devote some of their militia to it. The Crynok, being peaceful, tries to pull out of the war, but about 1,001 AGC the war finally ceased, and the Crynok got a rest. They are currently returning their soldiers to their homes.



Rayuna is a somewhat rainy, but temperate island. There are hot days in the summer, snowfalls in the winter, and rain all year except in the winter. It never gets unbearably hot, or impossibly cold. The lukewarm ocean currents flowing by moderate the climate and temperature, as well as supply the water vapor for the frequent precipitation.


There is a large Crynok city in the center, lightly to the north, which has mostly flattened the landscape. Before the city came, it was a lush green plain, like around the suburbs and in the wildlife reserve. There is also a band of forest along the west side, called the Lumber Belt.

Native Organisms[]


There are several types of native grasses that inhabit the plains of Rayuna, as well as deciduous and coniferous trees in the Lumber Belt.

What is truly of note is that Rayuna is home to many types of flowering plants, some found nowhere else. Crynok often collect them, sometimes wear them, and even grind the petals into medicines. The pollen of some of these flowers has odd mental and sometimes physical effects on those who inhale or ingest it, so Crynok have to have a mastery of flowers to live safely in the suburbs, where often the plants grow in gardens.


The island is home to many types of Rahi, including Ash Bears, Gukko, Chute Spiders, and assorted other beasts.


The island is home to the Crynok, Toa-height, thin beings with incredible agility. The Crynok are peaceful, but have a militia, like the Yelnir, but don't often use it. They are normally peaceful and have little need to interact with other lands, so get in few disputes.


  • The island is very small, so Crynok are known to exist elsewhere in large numbers as well. They don't like to expand their city too much, for fear of losing the natural beauty of their homeland.