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"Can you see all of me?"
―Raykshin's catchphrase [src]

Raykshin is thought to be the first Rahkshi. He has above-Matoran level intelligence, enough to know the evils the 'New' Makuta enact. He sides with the forces of Light.



Not much is known about Raykshin's past, prior to the rebellion of the Makuta, but it is known that he was created by Miserix as a result of an experiment thousands of years ago.

After Miserix was imprisoned, Raykshin escaped Destral, destroying 3 Vilrahk, 5 Panrahk, and a Darahk. He was then marked for death by Teridax, as a traitor, but he managed to always stay 2-steps ahead of his hunter, until Mata Nui's fall.

Great Cataclysm[]


Raykshin during the Great Cataclysm

During the Great Cataclysm, Raykshin was trapped in Metru Nui. At one point, he fell off a building and caught the wall with his sword. However, he quickly encountered the individuals Sakila and Zaeron. Before he could communicate, however, Zaeron and Sakila attacked Raykshin, whose only instinct was to defend himself. Fortunately, he managed to break away from the fight and escape. From there on, he kept an eye on them, staying out of sight.


If he were to be compared to a real-world person, he would be comparable to a Middle Ages Knight.

Species of Rahkshi[]

It is unknown which type of Rahkshi that Raykshin was originally, but it is assumed to be a Rahkshi of Limited Invulnerability, Silence, or Confusion. It is known, however, that he appears to have mutated (or trained himself to get) the ability to manipulate several Rahkshi Powers. Also, his kraata appears to be directly attached to the armor, serving as a permenant 'brain' for his body.


Unlike normal Rahkshi, Raykshin has access to multiple Rahkshi Power types:

  • Poison
  • Chain Lightning
  • Rahi Control
  • Hunger
  • Shattering
  • Invulnerability

Also unlike normal Rahkshi, which cannot speak or speak only brokenly, Raykshin can speak Matoran fluently.


  • Raykshin's theme song, and source for his catchphrase, is All of Me by Crush 40.