Custom BIONICLE Wiki

Name: Ravat
Weapons: Knives, brute strength.
Abilities: ???
Affiliation: Freelancer serving Lord Void and Nabonidus.
Favorite Color:

Red. Blood red.

Likes: The pain of others, alcohol, women.
Dislikes: Rich people, politicans, cheerful music.

Ravat is a mysterious and highly dangerous being who made his debut slaughtering a large number of Ta'har. He appears quite dangerous, as he was able to remove one Ta'har's entire lower body, even with his victim's enhanced durability.

Ravat is driven by his bloodlust. He finds nothing more enjoyable than others in pain, especially when he's the central cause. Ravat's brutal, sadistic nature knows no bounds.

While he seems crude and thoughtless on the outside, this is an intentional ploy -- He is incredibly intelligent, and knows how to get exactly what he wants, exactly when he wants it. Ravat rarely takes a job for money alone -- He's most likely to take jobs that will let him cause pain to others along the way.

However, by no means does he place little value in money -- His cruelty is accentuated by his greed. As if Ravat wasn't bad enough with all of the aforementioned traits, he is also a very shrewd businessman, and a well-known figure on the Intergalactic Black Market.

Ravat has recently been revealed to be serving a mysterious being known as Lord Void through his sometimes-superior, sometimes-rival Nabonidus. Nabonidus runs the show in Void's absence, but Ravat isn't too much lower on the foodchain; and when Void is awake, Ravat and Nabonidus are on roughly the same level of authority. Although Nabonidus is more powerful, enough that Ravat would actually refrain from starting a fight with him.

At the current time, Ravat has interrupted the battle between Deathsaurus and Keichi, offering to lend Keichi his assistance in return for being shown what the map Keichi has found leads to.


He is an anthropomorphic wolf standing at exactly ten feet tall, with bristly, dark red and lighter red fur, a large, protruding muzzle, and yellow eyes with orange slit pupils. He wears a black leather vest with no sleeves, open and showing his chest, dark tan pants and some kind of heavy black leather boots that go up to just above his knees.


  • Ravat's favorite food is barbecue of all kinds; his least favorite is salad. He despises salads, and goes out of his way to kill and maim vegetarians. (*Note: Zev Raregroove/Mistgun has no problems with vegetarians, as long as they don't try to make him abandon his hamburger, barbecue, hotdog and/or steak. ;3)
  • Ravat has his own unique laugh, starting with 'Sha'; i.e., "Shahahah!"