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Mask of Rage
Enhancing bearer's combat traits.

The Kanohi Ranok is the Mask of Rage. Created by an unknown group of people as an aid in battle, the one-of-a-kind mask played a key role in Toa Tazahk's banishment, and was later sealed away in the Pit where it eventually came into the possesion of the ex-warlord Alxor.


Originally created by persons unknown, the Kanohi Ranok was at some point accquired by a Dark Hunter who utilized it during an attack on an island guarded by a group of Toa. The hunter was eventually defeated, and the Ranok was confinscated from him.

Shortly after this, the team's Toa of Air, Tazahk, decided to use the Ranok for some purpose, resulting in him becoming corrupted by it's power. Though his fellow Toa attempted to stop him, Tazahk was too powerful for them while wearing the Ranok, allowing him to swiftly defeat and kill most of his teammates. Tazahk remained under the Ranok's influance until he was challenged by the team's only other surviving member, Toa of Fire Adiahk. Adiahk fought Tazahk and eventually managed to remove it, though before he could destroy either, Order of Mata Nui member Botar appeared. The Order member collected Tazahk and the Ranok, whisking them both away.

The Pit[]

Deeming the Ranok too dangerous to be mass-produced, yet too valuable to destroy, Toa Helryx, leader of the Order of Mata Nui, ordered the mask to be sealed away within the Pit until a use could be found for its power. The Ranok stayed in the Pit even after the Great Cataclyism caused the prison to cave in, burying the Kanohi for several more years.

The Ranok was later found by Toa Tazahk, though was lost again shortly after. Eventually, another Pit prisoner, the former tyrant known as Alxor discovered the Ranok and claimed it as his own property and it currently remains in his possesion.


Made as an aid in battle, the Ranok drastically enhances its wearer's attributes of strength, speed, stamina, and agility, making the mask's wearer a force of devistation in combat. The mask's drawback, however, is that it causes a temporary mental immbalance in the wearer, comprimising his or her ability to tell friend from foe, which can easily have dire concequenses.



  • An unnamed Dark Hunter who was later defeated - Formerly
  • Toa Tazahk - (formerly)