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Dark Hunters (formerly), Legion of Shadows
Massive strength and durability
Horn, claws, tail

"Rampage" is a former Dark Hunter, a mutant Kikinalo, and a member of the Legion of Shadows.


Originally a simple Kikinalo, "Rampage" was altered into a sapient being by the effects of Energized Protodermis. He later joined the Dark Hunters, usually acting as a guard for key locations, or as the Hunters' own living battering ram.

During the Toa/Dark Hunter War on Metru Nui, Rampage was brought down by Toa Mangai Lhikan and several other Toa before being slung in a cell as their prisoner. Not long before the war was over, however, he was freed by the mysterious Makuta Cordak, who then sent him on a mission to rescue another ex-Dark Hunter named Spike. After the two got back to Cordak's lair, they were made into the Makuta's personal bodyguards.

Recently, Rampage was sent with Spike on an extraction mission to capture the treacherous Zarak, Gilvex. The pair later brought him before Cordak.

Later, Rampage was summoned to Cordak's throne room along with his other servants. There, Makuta Kylla began assigning them missions that would aid their goals, and Rampage was teamed with Spike. The pair were ordered to track down a rare mask, the Kanohi Elda, in order to allow Cordak to detect other relics. Rampage and Spike eventually found the mask on the isle of Archosa, though were unable to return to Cordak's island due to severe weather conditions.

Abilities & Traits[]

Though not very fast, or much of an intellectual, Rampage more than makes up for his lack of strategy and agility with his sheer power. Possessing strength enough to overwhelm a Makuta, Rampage usually defeats all his foes the same way: Completely overpower and batter them into submission.

In addition to his massive strength, Rampage's armored hide is capable of taking enormous punishment with barely a scratch, let alone serious injury. He also possesses keen senses of smell and hearing.


Rampage's primary weapon is the large horn on his head. Coated in a specialized alloy stronger than Protosteel long ago, Rampage is capable of utalizing his horn as a lance to skewer even the most heavily armored foes. The metal alloy it is coated with also carries special properties that allow it (and by extention, the rest of Rampage's anatomy) to resist the effects of magnetic attacks (one of Rampage's few weaknesses).

His other tools include razor-sharpe claws and a thick, heavy tail.


  • Rampage was originally inspired by the Marvel Comic super villian Rhino.