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TLR Raanu
Fire Tribe
Village Elder
Fire Sword, Shield

Raanu was the Agori leader of the Fire Tribe.


Raanu was born roughly 265,000 years ago, and was a first hand witness to the Dreaming Plague and the Element Lords' rise to power. The Agori was later employed as a servant of the Element Lord of Fire and resided within his fortress during his service.

In the waning days of the Core War, Raanu and Kyry were tasked with retrieving a sample of Energized Protodermis from a spring in enemy territory. Successfully collecting a sample and returning it to the Great Beings, the Agori proved instrumental in the discovery that increased mining activities were destabilizing the planet's core. With natural resources continuing to deplete, a planet-wide shockwave known as The Shattering was known to have been triggered, causing planetary fragmentation and propelling to large chunks of the planet away from the surface. Participating in a battle in the central belt of Spherus Magna, Raanu was among the multitude of combatants who would become trapped on Bara Magna and was cut off from his homeland in the Aqua Magna region.

Bara Magna[]

Raanu in Vulcanus

Raanu in Vulcanus

The world in panic, Raanu managed to take partial command of a small group of Agori that would eventually grow to become the Fire Tribe. They situated themselves in the land dubbed Vulcanus, where they took advantage of the village's local lava flow to craft and repair weapons and tools with.

A veteran warrior named Certavus proposed a system of economy in the form of Arena Matches. Raanu supported this idea and it was soon put into place. The Fire Tribe Agori was soon officially elected the village elder following his predecessor's death at the hands of Vorox.

Problems began to arise when the Fire Tribe's selected Glatorian, Malum, turned out to be more uncontrollable than expected, as demonstrated in a brutal match with Jungle Tribe Glatorian Vastus where the latter was defeated. Raanu received word that if Malum was to continue as the Fire Tribe's prime champion, matches with Vulcanus will be terminated. The Agori approached Malum and tried to convince the Glatorian to quell his temper, but Malum refused. As if angered by the village elder's attempt to control him, Malum showed his rebellion in a later match by trying to kill Ice Tribe Glatorian Strakk. The Glatorian of Fire was restrained by Gresh and Ackar. Left with no choice, Raanu banished Malum from Vulcanus to wander the deserts of Bara Magna.

With Vulcanus's primary Glatorian banished, the Fire Tribe entered disarray, as the lack of a champion gave enemies confidence to act against them. The Skrall captured Fire Geysers to the north of Vulcanus. Desperate to regain them back, Raanu found that he was unable to schedule a proper match as no Glatorian was willing to face off against a Skrall. Not to mention that the remaining Glatorian, Ackar, frequently traveled to matches outside of the Fire Tribe's territory, leaving Vulcanus defenseless against Skrall takeovers and Bone Hunter raids.


Raanu and Magmus speak with Verex.

Raanu eventually found a fighter that was willing to fight a Skrall, a mutated stranger named Verex. Verex offered his services in exchange for supplies he desired, which Raanu agreed to. Verex was victorious in his match against the Skrall, leading to him receiving offers to become Vulcanus's second Glatorian. The mutant refused, and went on his way to Roxtus with an Agori named Ranzesk and a Zesk named Drex.

Several months later, Raanu journeyed to Atero Arena to participate in the Great Tournament, intent on witnessing Ackar once again earning the title as the reigning champion from the previous year. With a marked Skrall absence causing concern amongst the Agori community, Raanu was one of many Agori sentries caught off-guard when a Skrall strike force stormed the city, disrupting the first match between Tarix and Strakk. Called to arms, the Glatorian combatants attempted to drive off the invading Skrall only to find themselves overwhelmed. Beating a hasty retreat escorted by Ackar, Raanu and a number of Agori fought their way to safety. Regrouping with his allies, Raanu witnessed Tarix publicly pledge to defeat the Skrall before a number of Glatorian and Agori survivors, though he personally entertained no thoughts of supporting the Prime Glatorian in this endeavor.

Mata Nui[]

Despite the threat of Bone Hunters, life in Vulcanus continued on. Raanu was presiding over a match between Strakk and Ackar when Metus appeared with a stranger named Mata Nui. Believing Ackar's age was catching up to him, Raanu believed that Metus had brought Mata Nui as a replacement for the Fire Tribe Glatorian.

Raanu later traveled to Tesara to watch a match between Vastus and Tarix. The battle was interrupted when Mata Nui, Ackar, Kiina, Gresh, and Berix appeared. They informed the arena of the attack on Tajun by Skrall and Bone Hunters, leading to mass panic that was halted by Ackar's display of his newly acquired Elemental Power over Fire. Mata Nui demonstrated how he gave Ackar this power by using his mask to empower Tarix's weapon. Raanu was skeptical of the stranger's willingness to help, but nonetheless made all present Glatorian swear allegiance to prevent future conflict.

Unified by a common enemy, the villagers combined their homes into a Mega-Village, which revealed to Mata Nui a disassembled, giant robot body. Raanu helped form a Council of Elders, of which he was elected leader. Mata Nui later confronted Raanu with the truth behind the structures the Mega-Village was constructed out of and requested permission for its use. Raanu refused, concerned with losing the only shelter and his fellow Bara Magnans have. Discussing it with trusted allies, Raanu was given the choice of fully refusing Mata Nui, as the others trusted him to make the best decision.

Raanu later met up with Mata Nui in the desert, revealing to him his knowledge of the secrets of the Great Beings and Mata Nui's own origin. Finally convinced, Raanu granted Mata Nui permission to take over the robot. He then left to evacuate the Mega-Village.

After the Battle of Bara Magna, Mata Nui's consciousness disappeared into his mask, and the beings that inhabited the Matoran Universe migrated to the now reformed Spherus Magna. With their former home destroyed, the inhabitants would now have to live side-by-side with the Agori and Glatorian. Raanu was elected to be one of the leaders of the newly united civilizations--and is currently working with others to find a way to properly integrate both worlds so they can coexist without trouble.

Abilities and Traits[]

Fierce at times, Raanu is solely concerned with the safety of his tribe and village.

As a member of the Agori species, Raanu was completely organic with some mechanical implants. As such, he did not possess any elemental affiliations or the ability to use a Kanohi mask.


Raanu carries a shield and a Fire Sword which can be ignited and used as a torch. He also carried a shield.


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