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Group Blood of Karzahni
Occupation Medical Officer
Element N/A
Powers N/A
Kanohi N/A
Tools Large Knife, other assorted medical implements
Status Alive
Location Spherus Magna
Pronunciation kway-KAR

Quekar is one of the last members of a species of giants that was nearly wiped out by a plague. He is the medical officer for the Blood of Karzahni.



Quekar, like all beings in the Matoran Universe, was created by the Great Beings. Him and his species were huge and strong, but peaceable and built many temples. During an excavation of stone for a monument, one member of the species dug into an underground chamber with a deadly virus within. No one knew until it was too late. Few were able to escape the island.


Like many members of the Blood of Karzahni, Quekar wandered before running into them. During this time, he encountered war and injuries, and wanted them to be fixed. He became a medic and helped the Toa during the Toa-Dark Hunter War. During this time, he became well respected among the Toa. However, his unusual appearance prevented him from staying in one place for too long, and so he moved on. He eventually found the Blood of Karzahni during the later Dark Hunter-Makuta War, in which he encountered Flaze, who recruited him.

Blood of Karzahni

While in the Blood of Karzahni, Quekar quickly became acquainted with their somewhat violent methods. His opinions changed Commakand, and caused him to be less brutal, though they did not impress Lekrave as much. Due to his knowledge in healing, Quekar was chosen as head Medical Officer. He helped treat anyone who was nearby, as he often travelled to other islands.

Spherus Magna

Quekar moved with the rest of the Blood of Karzahni onto Spherus Magna. After the Death of Commakand, like Yawak, Quekar took to wandering aimlessly. He will heal any injured passerby, be they Skrall, Toa, you name it.

Abilities and Traits

Quekar possesses amazing knowledge of medicine, especially for a race that never had to use it. He excels at healing wounds, only surpassed by the Rahkshi power of Regeneration and the Mask of Regeneration. He is surprisingly peaceable. He incredibly dislikes violence and death, and helps anyone who needs it, no matter on whose side they're on. He only joined the Blood of Karzahni due to a misguided belief that Karzahni would bring peace and harmony, and end suffering.


Quekar usually carries a knife for defense, and always a small medical kit, possibly to patch up the person he just stabbed. At the main Blood of Karzahni Headquarters, he has impressive medical supplies, including anesthetics and things to prevent infection. He as many antivenins, in order to stop any poisons.