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"Quartz Carnivore!"
Ackar, seeing a Quartz Carnivore attacking.
Quartz Carnivore
Quartz Carnivore
Digging, extreme strength
Teeth, armory, spike tail.
Spread through universe

The Quartz Carnivore was a predator animal on Spherus Magna. It later somehow entered the Matoran Universe, and was, while Mata Nui was investigating the solar system, spread over several more planets. When Spherus Magna was reformed, it reinhabited the planet, just as before.


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Abilities and Traits[]

The Quartz Carnivore was a powerful, carnivorous creature. It was sometimes referred to in myths, mostly as steeds of heroes, or Great Beings. It had almost no rivals in power, easily killing and eating a Spikit. Glatorian knowing how to tame the creature were often lucky in battles, though. On trips through the White Quartz Mountains, and sometimes even the Black Spike Mountains, it was often used as steed, due to its high resistance against most temperatures. It also has great strength, making his good to carry goods. Another good quality of it was it was rarely approached by other creatures, as its smell was a warning for them. Glatorian and Agori, however, do not seem to smell it, nor do sapient beings from the Matoran Universe.

Additionally, it housed a thick, yet soft hide. almost impossible to be pierced from the outside, only an attack on its belly would injure or kill it.

Natural tools[]

The Quartz Carnivore had powerful teeth. The small teeth on the inner sides of the mouth rivaled the power of a Sand Bat. It also had a tail with spikes on it. It often rattled, to warn opponents for anger.


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