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Assigned Region Irania Nui
Mask Great Kiril
Tools Daggers, Zamor Sphere launcher
Status Alive
Pronunciation PY-rezz

Pyrez was Makuta Teridax's lieutenant following the latter's takeover of the Matoran Universe, and the arch-nemesis of Toa Ihu.


Destiny War[]

During the Brotherhood of Makuta's war with the Order of Mata Nui, Pyrez went to Jydivia to gain the allegiance of the Jyraxians. One of his servants, a multi-elemental Toa named Volatile, was possessed by the spirit of a disgraced Great Being and attempted to kill Pyrez, before being defeated by Frydax, who the Order of Mata Nui had sent to the island to ally with the Jyraxians.

Pyrez returned to the Brotherhood having failed to secure the allegiance of the Jyraxians, but his folly was overlooked as the Plan came to fruition anyway. He, along with Virox, were allowed to continue their existence if they swore unwavering and total allegiance to Teridax and aided him in secret.


Following the completion of the Plan, Pyrez was stationed outside the Matoran Universe on the recently discovered Irania Nui, where he was tasked with destroying the Toa and assuming control of the island.

Clash of the Titans[]

Pyrez made an attempt to destroy Av-Iarn, the Light district of Irania Nui, where he began attacking Matoran with his Shadow powers. Toa Ihu intercepted him and the two engaged in a battle that did catastrophic damage to the district. However, Pyrez was defeated and forced to teleport away before he could be destroyed.

Abilities and Traits[]

Pyrez has access to all of the normal Makuta powers.

He is mild-tempered, and enjoys toying with his enemies before he kills them.

Mask and Tools[]

Pyrez wears a Kanohi Kiril, the Mask of Regeneration, and carries multiple daggers, as well as a Zamor Sphere Launcher.



Makuta Pyrez in Sprite form