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Psychometrics is an artificially created element that primarily pertaind to memory and spirit. It exists both within the Matoran Universe and beyond it. It is extremely powerful and can only be wielded by the strongest warriors. It is similar to Psionics but often manifests itself as a far stronger version of it.


Powers associated with Psychometrics are:

  • Manipulate the minds of others
    • Communicate telepathically
    • Create psychic illusions
    • Unleash blasts of psychic energy
    • Erase themselves from the short term memories of others
    • Generate false memories to plant in others minds
    • Alter the way they are percieved by others so as to make themselves invisible or simply difficult to focus on
  • Psychometry/Empathy
  • Release a Psychometrics Nova Blast (Toa exclusive)

There are many other abilities that are unknown about this element, and it is believed that only Rakuta knows such secrets.


  • Psy-Matoran: Matoran of Psychometrics are known as Psy-Matoran. They include both male and female Matoran, unlike most other elements. Most of them lived on Irania Nui in the Great Forest but were chased out after the Great Cataclysm when many Prisoners of the Pit escaped to the island. They now reside all over the island in various cities.
  • Frydax
  • Destrix
  • Carok
  • Jyraxian Tribe Mystics
  • The Hidden
  • Psy Matoran


  • Some Psy-Matoran lived on Lesovikk's island, until they were sent to Karzahni, then Voya Nui, and some to Mahri Nui. One such Matoran is Tekli.
  • Psychometrics is a completely different element to Psionics.
  • It was not originally created as a Matoran Universe element.