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Blue, gold
Overview Toa

Psionics is one of the many secondary Elemental Powers.

Species Wielders[]


  • Ce-Matoran represent the Element of Psionics. Ce-Matoran also contain a very minuscule amount of Psionics elemental energy, allowing them to shield their minds.
  • Toa of Psionics possess the Elemental Power of Psionics, allowing them to move object with their minds, or invade the minds of others. Certain Kanohi, such as the Kanohi Matatu, can give some semblance of Psionic powers.
  • Turaga of Psionics possess small traces of Elemental Psionics Energy and would only be able to read others' minds.


  • Bohrok with the Krana Za can communicate telepathically.


  • Skakdi of Psionics would only be able to access their power if they worked with another Skakdi.


  • Most Makuta have some naturally-occurring Psionics powers, in addition to the powers of Mind Reading, Illusion, Rahi Control, and Insect Control.



Tayluu using Thode's thoughts against him.

  • Creating illusions that can fool all five senses
  • Unleashing mental blasts of energy
  • Having limited mind-control, the extent depends on the strength of the user
    • Emotional enhancement
    • Memory manipulation
  • Controlling/Moving objects by mental force
  • Detecting/Reading nearby minds
    • Detecting emotions
    • Transmitting the thoughts of one being into another being's mind
    • Extracting memories and thoughts
  • Physically wielding thoughts and memories as weapons
    • From which the attacks takes the form of recreations of past trauma and pain
  • Masking one's presence from other lifeforms
  • Unleashing a Psionics Nova Blast (Toa exclusive)
  • Emit brainwaves as a controlled signal pattern(only seen through Scroxx)


  • When working with a user of Ice, a Psionics user can create the effects of brain freeze.
  • When working with a user of Fire or Water, a Psionics user can cause a target to be temporarily afraid of that element.
  • When working with a user of Air, a Psionics user can create the effects of vertigo.
  • When working with a user of Time, a Psionics user can create the effects of déjà vu.
  • As long as each wields a different element, providing that Light and Shadow are not included at the same time, any six Toa can create a Protodermis cage. Beings other than Toa and the Krahka cannot combine powers of any sort to create a Protodermis cage.



A Kanoka symbol for Psionics, as seen in BIONICLE Generations.


  • Normally, Toa of Psionics are blue with gold. However, exceptions do exist such as Ahodan, Destrix, and Epsilon.
  • Unlike with most elements, a user of Psionics can't absorb mental energy.
  • Matoran of Psionics automatically have their minds shielded.
  • Wielders of this element tend to be thoughtful, but become unfocused at times.
  • The wielders sometimes think very highly of themselves.
  • Ce-Matoran do not have a particular place they tend to live in, but they feel most at home in quiet areas of learning, such as a library.