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Protosteel Construct



Protosteel Construct
Destroyed (After the Kanohi Tilira's activiation)
PROU-to-steehl KAN-strukt



The Protosteel Construct was created by Nuva in order to dig out the Kanohi Tilira and destroy it.


Not long after Nuva had been reawakened, he began construction of the Construct when he found out about the location of the Tilira-mask. He originally planned to use it to break through the Farside Village's defenses directly in a surprise attack; however, construction on the machine was slower than expected and the arrival of Toa Theran and his team made him to attack the village with his Forgotten Warriors instead, who took over the settlement.

Later a scouting group lead by Theran reached the roof of the old fortress were the Construct was still being completed and hung in a scaffolding. As Nuva was about to be overwhelmed by the attack force, he activated the Protosteel Construct prematurely long before its armor was fully completed. The Construct chased right through the attackers and headed directly towards the Farside Village and the mask, following its primary objective and cutting through anyone in its way.

Back at the village Xafri activated the Kanohi Tilira just in time to have the machine be caught in the effect radius, frying its systems with an energy overload and destroying the construct.


The destroyed Protosteel Construct remained at the abandoned Farside Village. When Range and his group went back to the village to retrieve the Kanohi Olunma, Vorred noticed their old predator. Remembering the injures it caused, he forcefully kicked one of its pincers in spite.


When the Farside Village was rebuild the remains of the machine were moved outside its boundaries, left to be forgotten. Much later Pauto recovered the Construct and dismantled it, using its high-quality materials for new armor and weapons.


The Protosteel Construct was able to dig through dense ground using its pincers and rotating its head. Thus is was also capable of inflicting a lot of damage to anyone it cut through using said sharp tools.
In the center of made its head was a great laser able to easily meld through solid Protodermis, although it was never used.


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