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Protodermis Jungle
Primary Residents Few Rahi
Location Bio-Land, next to Kohonga City
Status In good shape
Locations Protodermis Lake

Protodermis Jungle is the jungle surrounding Protodermis Lake. Actually, the lake is the only reason this jungle exists. The power of the Energized Protodermis in the lake gives lots of energy and nutrients into the ground, which is why a jungle has grown there.

The jungle is normal, but if you cut a hole into a tree or a plant, Liquid Protodermis (not Energized Protodermis) will leak out. The trees would be a great source of Protodermis but it's protected, because of it's uniqueness. It's not a tourist site, however.

The Rahi of the forest are very different from the ones in other forests. They usually have Protodermic armor and are more calm than the others.


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