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Protectorate shuttle
ShuttleThe Shuttle with landing gear retracted
User(s) Toa Protectorate
Functionality Transport
Status Out of use

The Protectorate Shuttle was a flight capable vehicle that the Toa Protectorate used for transport. Three of these were present in Protectorate HQ's hangar and they were used to get to sites of trouble and to assist in their missions. The vehicles could easily carry the whole team, but usually factions of the group would use them at once. They are very fast and manoeuvrable and contain an on board cloaking device for stealth. The vehicles were automatically piloted by the sentient APPS (Automated-Auto-Pilot-System) and it could perform many many functions. It also contained a smaller hangar for storage and to carry other vehicles such as the Blaze Bike.

Since the team is disbanded, the shuttles are out of use.


Shuttle model

The Protectorate Shuttle model

Set Information[]

A miniature version of the ship was created by Ids5621, which represents a simplistic version of the ship. It isn't compatible with the set incarnations of the Protectorate or any minifigures. It serves only as a display piece.


  • The ship resembles a Protectorate Shield.
  • Though the shuttle is designed for aerial use, it can also function under-water.