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"Life... don't even talk to me about life. It's a mutation. A jumble of molecules collected for mutual coexistence. A mutation. A consequence. An accident. That's how I justify what I do. None of it matters anyway."
He's the big one.
Orange Draconian
Telepathy, increased senses and physical capability
Claws, Reepyyr, Armor

Propheci is the last member of the Orange breed of Draconian.


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Abilities and Traits[]

Propheci is incredibly strong and agile. He can run, jump, and lift more than most individuals in his species. He is also incredibly intelligent, and is known for his keen schemes and ability to figure out complex problems within minutes.

Like most of his breed, Propheci also telepathic. He can control others' minds and control matter with his thoughts. He also has an ability to indoctrinate others, in which he plants a whisper of his voice in a victim's mind. The victim will soon abide to Propheci's will, whether they like it or not.

He can also use others as tools to speak through, due to the fact that he only knows the Draconian language.


Propheci is a hard core social Darwinist. He became chief in a tribe after killing (and eating) his brother who he thought was "too weak to live". He soon became known for executing children who showed little promise, and would even serve them to the tribe as food. The sick, the lame, and the old are also not immune to his ideals. Once someone looses their usefulness to either him or the species, they are to be killed.

Propheci also enjoys inducing mental pain into others, using his telepathic abilities to literally shred the minds of those he attacks.

He is also known for being deceitful, and lies on nearly every occasion. He will often entice others with idealistic propositions, only to turn on those he offered to help.


Propheci has massive claws which he uses well in combat. He also possessed a Matoran named Reepyyr to act as a translator for him. Reepyyr also fights with an energy blaster.


"Have you ever thought about death? Your own mortality. It's interesting when you do. Think about it. Your last breaths leaving your lips as every sin and transgression lays bear, your thoughts calling out to god. The only problem is there is no god waiting for you on the other side. No judgment. No heaven. No hell. There is nothing. Life is truly meaningless. Every accomplishment of every race is moot. And then, you'll come to realize the one and only god that this universe abides: death. And then, after the revelation, that god welcomes you into oblivion with open arms."
―Propheci speaking about his views on life.



  • He is Echo 1's second favorite villain, behind Jevson.
  • He was inspired by the Dragon Booster character of the same name.
  • Propheci's personality was created to be the epitome of amorality and godlessness.