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Procul Magna
Primary ResidentsAgori
Former Residents{{{3}}}
LocationOutermost Planet,BIONICLE System
SizeVery Small
PronunciationPRO-kull MAG-nuh

Procul Magna is the outermost planet of the BIONICLE System. It is so far away from Hanija Magna that it rarely receives sunlight, especially with other, larger planets blocking it out from Procul. The planet, when viewed from space, appears as a desert planet, but this isn't true. It has large brown rocks that make it appear a desert, but it is actually the coldest planet in the BIONICLE System. The Beings Great Beings placed some Agori here to live. These Agori created the Agori Pit, a city that is harbored in a large crater.


  • Procul means "far" in Latin.
  • Procul Magna is a Class-L Planet.
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