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A full timeline of all the significant events in Primordius Magna's history. All dates are listed either as Before Kronaxx's Takeover (BKT), or After Kronaxx's Takeover (AKT)

60,000 BKT[]

  • Murtaavak arrives and creates Stellar Maximus.
  • Helios is created to watch over Stellar Maximus.
  • Murtaavak, with the help of Helios, creates Primordius Magna, and several other planets to orbit Stellar Maximus.
  • Using antidermis, Murtaavak creates Narcisca as an equal, however, Narcisca rebells, and is banished to the depths of Primordius Magna.

59,999 BKT[]

  • Murtaavak leaves Primordius Magna to evolve.
  • Narcisca forms the "Under World," his own kingdom of the dead.
  • The first natural life, appears in the form of Archea bacteria, in the oceans of Primordius Magna.

43,000 BKT[]

  • The first Bio-Chordate evolves.


  • Bio-Chordats take their first pioneering steps onto land, and thus, rahi evolve.

27,000 BKT[]

  • The Craydaxians become the first sapient species to colonize the land.
  • The Craydaxian Empire is formed.

26,000 BKT[]

  • Murataavak returns, and creates the Titan Lords to watch over Primordius Magna.
  • The Matoran are created.
  • Skakdi, Vortixx, and several other sapient species are created.
  • Tesla, the first toa, is created.
  • Malleus is appointed leader of the Titan Lords.

20,000 BKT[]

  • Metru's Minor and Major are founded.

15,000 BKT[]

12,000 BKT[]

  • Tethys, the Titan of Water, rebells.
  • The Titan War begins

11,000 BKT[]

  • The Titan War ends.
  • Kentis Nui is sent to watch over Primordius Magna
  • Optimidus founds the Order of Kentis Nui.
  • Kentis Nui creates the makuta
  • Proteridax founds the Brotherhood of Makuta

1,000 BKT[]

45 BKT[]

32 BKT[]

30 BKT[]

  • Magnon, along with members Marltax & Krikk ltd. test the first plasma lamp.

29 BKT[]

  • The plasma lamp goes on sale.

6 BKT[]

  • Sheir-Khan and Bloödvok declare war on one another, and the RHA and Skakdi Syndicate War begins/ends.

1 BKT[]

  • All of the Toa Alpha (minus Gunner), are killed in the battle of Gonda Nui.

0 BKT[]

  • Kronaxx kills Proteridax, and takes control of the Brotherhood of Makuta.
  • Kronaxx overthrows Kentis Nui, and declare himself ruler of the whole planet.
  • Kronaxx forms the Confederate Empire of Shadows.
  • The Battle of Arcajax takes place, marking the beginning of the Primordius Magna Civil War

3 AKT[]

  • The Fellowship of Kentis Nui Rebellion is formed.
  • The Battle of Mala takes place (Confederate Victory).
  • The Battle of Odinax Takes place.
  • The Primordius Magna Civil War ends with a Fellowship victory.

78 AKT[]

  • Kronaxx arrives at the Primordius Magna Underworld, and encounters Narcisca. through Kronaxx, Narcisca learns of the Kraahkatoa robot, and its potentials as a new body
  • Narcisca, with the motive of regaining a body, begins to plan his rise.
  • Camp Arcajax is reopened by Makuta Khraan.
  • Kronaxx hires Nalex to located the Great Toa Stone so that he, Kronaxx, can activate Kraahkatoa, and use him as a body.
  • Nalex sends his henchmen Murtran and Kelphix to kidnap the soldiers of Camp Arcajax.