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This is a treasury of the stories that tell the tale of the Primordius Magna Saga. They will be listed in chronological order of occurrence rather than the order they were written. The dates next to them will be listed either as Before Kronaxx's Takeover (BKT) or After Kronaxx's Takeover (AKT)

Prequal Story Arc

The Titan War

To be written.

The Tale of the Toa Alpha

To be written.

Primordius Magna Civil War Trilogy (0 BKT-3BKT)

The Gunner Chronicles (1 BKT - 3 AKT)

The story of Toa Gundak's imprisonment on the moon of Lunas Magna, and his quest for the Titan Lord Tethys

Out of the Blue and Into the Black (0 BKT)

The story of Kronaxx's Takeover and the events that lead up to the Primordius Magna Civil War.

A World at War (3 BKT)

The story of the different Battles that occurred during the civil war.

Hell's RisingTrilogy

Guardian of the Dead Souls (78 AKT)

The story of Narcisca 's rise, and the efforts of new heroes to stop him.

The Shattering of Mirrors

To be written.

The Moonlit knight

To be written.

Other Stories


Written by Makuta Tarkairadan.


A spin off of the Generations Trilogy

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