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Rock Tribe
Leader Class Skrall
Saw Blade, Zamor Launcher
Spherus Magna/Bara Magna

"We shall die fighting or fight dying, if I were you, I'd rather die fighting.

-Prima to Trita

"Vengance is always key to you, isn't it?"

-Prima to a group of Skrall

"Everyone makes a choice in their life, but obviously, your not everyone, your little more than a beast."

-Prima to a Vorox

Reign of the Skrall[]

When Spherus Magna shattered, the Rock Tribe settled in the Northern part of Bara Magna. Before this, they were anxious warriors, called Skrall. They fought in the Core War under their leader, and ruler; the Elemental Rock Lord.

The first leader class Skrall, Prima, was the second in command, and looked up to the Rock Lord. He soon would gain complete control over the Skrall tribe.

When the Great Shattering occured, The Elemental Rock Lord and many Skrall did not break off into Bara Magna, and were left behind on Spherus Magna. Prima was not as lucky, he and all of the other Leader Class Skrall (Not including the Elemental Lord) were stuck on Bara Magna.

Settling North[]

Prima led the other Skrall north, where they soon settled and became the Rock Tribe. Other Agori and Glatorian settled elsewhere and became known under their own tribe name, refering to their Elemental Lord (Water Tribe, Ice Tribe, Etc.)

The Sand Tribe, who went insane because of the Shattering, soon had a battle against the Skrall, which was an easy win for the Rock Tribe. When the Skrall won, Prima, the leader of the battle, wrote in the sand "Be warned".

As a sign of Triumph, all of the Warrior Class Skrall began wearing the mask of Prima, which would later become a sign of wealth in their tribe.


Long before the Battera attacked, Prima was murdered by another Skrall, Trita.

Trita envied Prima, because everyone looked up to him, instead of all of the other Leader Class Skrall. He gathered an army (Who didn't know Trita's real plan) and was able to capture Prima. Trita ran one of his swords into Prima's back and left him to die in a cave.*


As you can see, the last word under the title "Death" has a footnote beside it. It is actually unknown if Prima is really dead. Some say he survived and went into hiding, but most likely not, because the Battera would of found and ambushed him. If he has survived he most likely would not yet know that Spherus Magna reformed.

Other Known Pictures of Prima[]


Strength: 20
Agility: 10
Toughness: 20
Mind: 20

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  • Used to be 1999bug's self-moc
  • Features a Saw-Blade, and a Zamor Launcher
  • Features the helmet from the Bionicle Stars "Skrall"
  • The name "Prima" comes from Optimus Prime, and the 'A' suffix is in all of 1999bug's Leader-Class Skrall names (Ex: Tuma, Maxima, Trita)