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""In all of these years. That fool of a Shadowed One died. I, Pridak, am speaking for us all that this is excellent. Finally a smart traitor in his base. Bad he would never know we, The League of Six Kingdoms, were behind it.""
―Pridak, Dark Missions
Pridak (VNT)
Pridak 1
Shark Tooth Staff

Pridak was a Barraki, former prisoner of The Pit, and leader of the League of Six Kingdoms


Yet to be recreated...

Abilities and traits[]

The Barraki Pridak was one of the leaders of the League of Six Kingdoms. He did, in the opinion of many, look fearsome, and had a mouth filled with sharp, pointy teeth. These housed many viruses, including fatal ones. Upon his mutation, he had grown not only strong, nailed hands, but also a more agile and flexible body. His back became the place a pack of fins grown, these helped Pridak in the deep waters of the Pit.

Upon entering an agressive state more and more, his mind grew out to an evil mastermind, analyzing every step he makes. This does not only make him virtually impossible to beat when in his sight, but also gives him the ability to somewhat foresee actions made by people he knows well. Having returned to a primitive state of natural tools, his voince also turned to a vicious, whisper-like voice, with a little growl as he gets exited in any way.

Weapons and tools[]

Pridak carried a blade, fused from Takea Shark`s teeth, and a little Protodermis. His claws also have proved themselves to be sharp weapon in fight, though Pridak does only use these on occasion.

Set Information[]

Pridak in set form is as tall as a Toa. He uses modified Hydraxon claws to represent the nailed hands he got after his mutation. A staff is also included, and is to be attached by putting a rod of the bottom of an MU hand. The face is the original Pridak face, though without the teeth. He uses small pieces of mata red coloring on his legs for the color scheme. He also has a detachable fin pack on his back, though there is no storyline importance on his detached form. It is just a function to improve the arms' movement while simulating a fight.