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Toa Neirae of Fire
Elemental Fire powers, enhanced combat abilities
Great Kazeh
Elemental Fire Sword

Pozar is a member of the Toa Neirae.


Early life[]

1000 years before the Great Cataclysm War, Pozar was created by Mata Nui as part of the Toa Neirae and appointed as a protector of the Core Processor. Each Toa were given enhanced combat abilities, powerful weapons and masks.

Pozar, along with the Toa Neirae, defended the Core Processor from Abaddon and Vicoran. He learned of the Order of Mata Nui's existence when they took Abaddon to imprisonment.

Betrayal by the Brotherhood[]

Pozar and the Toa Neirae were tricked into letting the Brotherhood of Makuta enter the Core Processor room. The Toa Neirae fought the Brotherhood of Makuta but were ultimately captured and imprisoned in canisters.

Great Cataclysm War[]

When Mata Nui freed the Toa Neirae, the group joined forces with the reformed Order of Mata Nui and defeated the Brotherhood of Makuta.

After the War[]

End of the Neirae[]

Pozar and the Toa Neirae attacked Abaddon, cornering the Varim tyrant. Kisa used her mask power to overpower and impale Abaddon. When it was revealed that she attacked an illusion, Kisa froze when she realised that she had killed Odron. Abaddon then decapitates her and Pozar ignites the battlefield in rage.

Personality and traits[]

Pozar is very brave and courageous, often throwing his own well-being out to protect those close to him, even if he knew the act was reckless. Pozar is also very proud of his status as a Toa but wouldn't let his pride get in the way of his duty.

Despite this, Pozar is level-headed and rational, often taking time to observe enemies during combat instead of going all out from the very start. Because of this is well known for being a hard opponent to beat.

Powers and abilities[]

Pozar is skilled at creating and controlling Fire, being a Toa of Fire. Pozar commonly encases his sword in flames and slashes, resulting in a massive wave of flames propelling out of the weapon. Being created for combat, Pozar specialises in using sweeping fire attacks with his sword.

Pozar is equipped with a unique sword, called the Elemental Fire Sword. Pozar can easily encase the sword with his elemental power of Fire, as the sword is built to amplify any form of Fire it touches. Pozar wears the Great Mask Kazeh, the Mask of Combat. With it, Pozar's combat abilities dramatically increase when he enters battle, though he gains more fatigue and requires a recuperation time period after the battle is over.