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The Power Crystals are artifacts hidden on Spherus Magna. There are six of them, and each holds an elemental power. Each is hidden and protected well, to stop villains claiming the Golden Shell's power.

Red-Holds the Elemental Power of Fire and is hidden somewhere below Vulcanus.

Orange-Holds the Elemental Power of Stone and is hidden somewhere in the Wastelands.

Yellow-Holds the Elemental Power of Air and is hidden somewhere in Tesara.

Silver-Holds the Elemental Power of Earth and was once hidden in the Wastelands. The Skrall stole it and hid it somewhere in Roxtus.

Blue-Holds the Elemental Power of Water and is hidden somewhere below where Tajun once was.

White-Holds the Elemental Power of Ice and is hidden somewhere below Iconox.

Makuta Darkraxx seeks these rare arifacts, but he does not possess any yet. He is currently sending his operatives to search for them.