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Port Spirit is a city located on the Northern Continent. Though not the seat of government (the title of which goes to Nyriac Tower), it is the capital city of The Northern Isles.


According to an early history of the Northern Isles, Port Spirit was the first land in the entire dome to be settled by Matoran, and subsequently the first Matoran city. Shortly after surrounding land was settled, other cities were built, and the continent's original Toa began to create more Toa. The Turaga High Council was set up as a governing body for the continent.

Port Spirit has seen quite a bit of action in its time. A platoon of Shadow Rahkshi, led by Muntauce, made its way through the city until they were stopped by Turaga Dlakii's forces. Ten years later, the city was menaced by the Lord of the Shadow Dragons who, fortunately, was defeated and sealed away by Dlakii's team before he could strike at Port Spirit.


Being a port city, Port Spirit is naturally situated on the shores of the Northern Continent. Most of it hasn't been seen yet, but what has looks like a clean, neat city. The entire city is paved, with Matoran setting up their homes and shops in land set aside for construction.

There are several landmarks within Port Spirit. The Spirit Temple is a large Hau-shaped structure situated near the harbour. It is the largest temple to Mata Nui anywhere on the Northern Continent. Neighbouring it is the harbour, sporting a large number of piers and docked ships. The Port Spirit Shipyard is situated nearby, directly on the coast to allow quick depositing of newly-constructed ships into the water.



Being a Matoran city, the Matoran are the dominant species in Port Spirit. Given its important trade status, there are Matoran of many colourful varieties living there. Ga-Matoran appear to be the most populous variety.


There are a number of Toa residing in Port Spirit, with even more passing through on a regular basis.

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