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The Poisson-Thorn is a powerful, yet beautiful, thorned plant. It mostly grows in jungles, and some are also spotted in areas with low bushes. It has a paralyzing venom in its thorns.

Jungle, small bushes


The Poisson-Thorn originated at one of the Southern Islands. It was named in an old language of one of the species whom lived there at that time. The plant started to grow more, until it was burned in a massive firestorm, created by an insane being of Fire. A Matoran of the island took a few seeds with him, after being recruited for Artakha's Students. There, he and his friends studied the seeds, and planted them. Studing its growing process, they discovered the plant could withstand extremely high temperatures, and also was resistant to storms. They planted the seeds of the grown plant at a small patch of land, from where they discovered it was helpful to other flora when alive. They planted a few on more islands. The plant later spread itself to some coastlines, where it currently remains. It is also spotted in jungle and small bushes recently.


  • The Poisson-Thorn looks like a red rose.
  • The name Poisson-Thorn, is derived from the french word poisson, meaning fish, and the english word thorn, meaning, well, thorn. The reason for poisson is because it sounds like poison. The plant has nothing to do with fish.
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