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Poisonot is a being from the Fruit Glatorian Universe.



Early Life[]

Poisonot originated from an unknown location and came to Bara Magna. He stayed in hiding on the planet, likely making his plans to raise an army and conquer the planet.

At a point, he befriended the Skrall Gyron, who had been exiled from Roxtus.

Fruit Glatorian War[]

By chance, Poisonot was provided with the chance to conquer when an army of Fruit Glatorian was accidentally created by the Glatorian Gresh shooting a Giant Kiglo Papaya. He took control of the forces and watched them exterminate and enslave nearly the entire population of the planet.


Poisonot battling Toa Mata Nui

However, the last two free Glatorian, Tarix and Raanu-G, found allies from off Bara Magna and formed the Bara Magna Resistance Movement. After their discovery that the Fruit Glatorian and Fruit Agori possessed an interconnected hive mind, which could be used to destroy the army, Poisonot sent Gyron and the Fisttak known as The Beast to destroy the motley crew, but Gyron turned traitor and joined their cause. In desperation, Poisonot walled himself up in his hidden base.

Gyron led Raanu-G's team to the base, and Poisonot, with a group of elite Fruit Glatorian, attacked them. After being defeated by the former Great Spirit Mata Nui, he fled, vowing revenge.

The Collection Chronicles[]

In hiding, Poisonot watched as Raanu-G's team freed the enslaved Agori and Glatorian and managed to revive those that had been killed by the Fruit Glatorian. He then followed them to an alternate Matoran Universe, where they were attempting to overthrow Teridax.

He was temporarily forced to side with them when they were attacked by Rahkshi, but then turned on his allies and killed Gyron. He was knocked unconscious and abandoned as the team moved to another dimension, and awoke to find an enormous Rahkshi of Growth, which he was able to control.

He is currently searching for a way to recreate the Fruit Agori and Glatorian and conquer the Matoran Universe.


Poisonot utilizing his Poison Claws

Abilities and Traits[]

He possesses the Kanohi Taiku, Mask of Poison, which amplifies his Poison power. He has two Poison Claws for use as weapons.