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Powers Compressed Air projection, Cyclone creation
Tools Compressor Blades
Status Destroyed
Location Crystal Island
Pronunciation N/A

Pneuma-Toa are androids created by Burtok as combat drones and field commanders of his Scorpio-Spider army.


The drones were created by Burtok from parts from previous Cyclone-Rahkshi he made, as well as some of the powers. They were used as commanders and combat drones for his army of Scorpio-Spiders. They participated in many fights involving the spiders, and also acted as manservants from time to time.

The robots were dismantled after Burtok was defeated at Crystal Island.


The robots had the ability to tightly compress air inside their tools, then fire it out as a solid projectile. The tools could also pump air into other devices for use as air compressors, or spray air out in a concentrated stream.

The robots were also granted the power to create cyclones, the result of Burtok using Cyclone-Rahkshi parts for their armor.


The robots were used as combat drones, commanders of Scorpio-Spiders, and guards around Burtok's fortress.


The Pneuma-Toa had air compressors in their tools to use as their primary offensive force.

They had high-toque pistons in their limbs to aid in the agility, strength, and speed.

Another component was a generator in the chest. This made it impossible to actually kill the robot by knocking off its head. Some of them actually had secondary clockwork mechanisms in their torsos, thus allowing them to keep fighting even after beheaded. These units also had radar units and audio receptor in their torsos as well, allowing them to sense their opponents effectively as well as fight after beheading.


  • Slaryka defeated one, plunged its weapons into its chest, and hung it by a noose as a warning to Burtok while the Hokanuka were scouting the Makuta's fortress.
  • "Pneuma-" is derived from pneumatic, meaning "air-powered."