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"Your tyranny ends here and now!"-Pluton to Virus.

Pluton is the leader of a race of beings who call themselves The Elders. These beings live in another dimension were evil was thought to be vanquished.




Before Virus went to his dimension, Pluton ruled with a mighty fist of justice and peace. He was powerful wise and the greatest leader to have lived in his dimension. The Elders had voted him leader because of these qualities. Then, one day, a strange dimensional gate opened and Virus jumped out from it. Virus saw this dimension and one thought came to mind conquest.


Soon Virus took control of the dimension using his evil abilities of persuasion to convince some of the other beings of the realm to rebel against The Elders. This was successful and Virus took control. Pluton then decided that Virus must be killed in order to regain control of his dimension. He started a full scale rebellion and marched on the old capital of his dimension. In the middle of the fight to kill Virus another dimensional gate opened and Virus stepped through. Pluton jumped in right as it closed.

Bara Magna[]

As Virus walked away from the portle with his evil armies behind him, Pluton jumped through right as the portle closed. He is now looking for Virus since he came out a few hours after Virus left.



Pluton in flight.

Pluton has no special powers. He can, however, punch through almost any substance and he can fly when he uses hs metallic wings. He can also run at amazing speeds and see amazing distances.


His main weapon is his metallic right arm which goes from a giant fist to a powerful blade-cannon. On his left arm are two exstendable blades that are coated in a strange substance that can melt any armor. His claws, tail, spikes, and spine all produce a deadly venom that when it gets inside you can kill you in mere seconds.


He is a wise ruler who does not panic during any situation no matter how bleak. He is also not one to anger, for just like his beastal body suggests he can and will rip you apart.