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Plasmolyte Launcher
User(s) Ganon
Functionality Firing spheres of plasma
Status Functional

The Plasmolyte Launcher, often referred to as the High-Accuracy Plasma Midak blaster, was a tool used by Ganon. It was a launcher, resembling a midak skyblaster, capable of firing solid spheres of plasma, generated by Ganon's elemental power, at a high rate and with pin point accuracy. These spheres could remain solid, and cause a powerful impact, or explode on contact.

As a set, it was sometimes portrayed having a laser sight with a crosshair, or sometimes without either of these. It is unknown if it canonically retained these features.


Example Usage[]



Alternate versions of the weapon in different mediums

  • Versions of the launcher were attached to the Blaze Bike.
  • Over time the physical appearance of the weapon in media has changed. While these changes are non-canon in the storyline, the weapon has adopted the look of a thornax launcher, over that of a midak.