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Plasmahk fighting Ortridax

 Plasmahk was a very mysterious Toa. 

Metru Nui[]

 Toa Plasmahk awaked in Metru Nui. He didn't know his name, where is his home. He killed Makuta Retrax. Turaga Vakama sended him to Ortridax Nui. There Plasmahk fights members of Ortridax team: Vorgrax, Terdak, Retrax and Zurglak. He kills them, but they awakes. Then he fights them again. And he doesn't know the Makutas can awake as many bodys.
 He has got a problem.


 He has got many tools, after very many transformations he shifts tools. His mask was legendary Mask of Plasma, called Kanohi Rantidus.
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== Abilities and Traits ==

 Plasmahk is very strong and clever. He fears no one and like to operate alone.


  The Grey Toa Chronicles
  Eye in Darkness
 Secrets of Makuta Ortridax   

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