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Green, blue, lime
Overview Toa

Plantlife is one of the many secondary Elemental Powers. On Spherus Magna and Okoto, it is referred to as "Jungle". Within the Matoran Universe, it is sometimes called "The Green".

Species wielders[]

  • Bo-Matoran represent the Element of Plantlife. Bo-Matoran also contain a very minuscule amount of Elemental Plantlife energy, to the point where they have an innate understanding of various attributes of a plant (such as poisons or potential medical usage). While many use this knowledge as Healers, there have also been accounts of them being farmers and gardeners.
  • Toa of Plantlife possess the Elemental Power of Plantlife, allowing them manipulate all sorts of plants.
  • Turaga of Plantlife possess small traces of Elemental Plantlife Energy.


  • Rahkshi and Kraata of Plant Control would have a non-elemental control over plantlife. All Makuta also had some degree of power over plantlife.


  • Skakdi of Plantlife would only be able to access their power if they worked with another Skakdi, or if they carried a weapon allowing them to do so.

Element Lords

  • The Element Lord of Jungle had complete mastery over his respective element.


  • LewaJungle

    Lewa using his power over Jungle to fight Skull Spiders.

    Creating plant life
    • Creating spores
  • Controlling plant life
    • Manipulating the speed of plant growth
    • Controlling scent of flowers
    • Controlling wood
    • Controlling plant pheromones
      • Which can be used to seduce and manipulate people
  • Changing the form of plants
  • Absorbing plantlife/sunlight
  • Immunity/resistance to plant-based poisons/toxins
  • Unleashing a Plantlife Nova Blast (Toa-exclusive)
  • Draining the amount of Elemental Energy and then harnessing it in their armor (Anti-Great Being exclusive)
    • Killing any and all Plantlife within the area (Anti-Great Being Exclusive)
      • Destroying Organic Parts (Anti-Great Being Exclusive)


  • Those who wield Plantlife can be empowered by those who use Earth, Water, and Light.
  • Beings other than Toa and the Krahka cannot combine powers of any sort to create a Protodermis cage. As long as each wields a different element, providing that Light and Shadow are not included at the same time, any six Toa can create a Protodermis cage.



A Kanoka symbol for Plantlife, as seen in BIONICLE Generations.


  • The Bo- prefix is most likely derived from "botany", which is the study of plants.
  • While Plantlife is one of the secondary Elements within the Matoran Universe, it is one of the primary six Elements of Spherus Magna. The reason for this is that there isn't as much flora within the Great Spirit Robot as there is on Spherus Magna. Also, there was greater need for Air than there was for Plantlife. As such, its prevalence was taken by the former.
  • In Matoran culture, the element's virtue was Patience.