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A planet is a celestial body floating in space. Planets can have many types of terrain, vegetation, and other unique features.

Planets are defined through a planetary classification system.

- Class-C planets are planets heavily polluted, but still sustain massive amounts of life. Metropolis Planet in the void is an example. NOT to be confused with Class-N.

- Class-D planets are rocky planetoids and moons.

- Class-H Planets are desert worlds. Bara Magna is an example of a Class-H planet.

- Class-J planets are gas giants like Jupiter.

- Class-K worlds are devoid of life, but can be terraformed.

- Class-L planets are barely habitable worlds that support little life.

- Class-M planets, like Earth, can support life and have breathable air.

- Class-N planets have corrosive atmospheres. Venus is a prime example.

- Class-O planets are black hole planets like Black Magna.

- Class-P planets are planets covered in ice or snow (An example is Arktus Magna).

- Class-V planets are planets that are altered and no longer have a spherical shape, Arktus Magna is also under this category.

- Class-X planets are black hole planets that have breathable air. NOT to be confused with Class-O.

- Class-Y planets are referred to as "Demon worlds." Immanuel is a Class-Y planet.

- Class-Z planets are considered as mysterious paradises that nothing other than plantlife live on. Klenix DuNui was one.

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