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This article is about the team in Realm of Conquest. You may be looking for the Piraka or the character Piraka (being).

The Piraka are a team that were formerly Dark Hunters and tried to conquer the house.

Piraka (Person987)
Piraka (Person987) Information
Species AffliationSkakdi
Alliesteams of the house
EnemiesVezon, Dark Hunters(formerly)
Homelandthe house
Goalconquer the house(formerly)


The Piraka were once members of the Dark Hunters that got tired of following Shadowed One's orders so they rebelled. They battled the Shadowed One and his guards, but were defeated. Instead of trying to overhtrow him again, they decided to desert. They allied with Brutaka and later returned to the Dark Hunter base to loot and partially destroy it. In the process, they accidentally created Vezon, the seventh Piraka. Shadowed One sent Eliminator after them, but they managed to trap him in quicksand and escape.

They later tried to hunt down Vezon, and almost succeeded when Zaktan knocked him out of a two story window. however, Vezon survived the fall as the Piraka could not find his body.

They followed his trail to the Codrex, which led them to a battle with the other four teams. They witnessed the fight between Toa Mata Nui and Ultimate Dume, but it knocked them unconsious.

Several of their operatives entered in the Tag Team Tournament, but were defeated in the first round. They battled the Somets after the tournament.

Many of the Piraka tried to retrieve pieces of the Golden Armor, but they all failed. They later had to stop Vezon's destructive rampage. and only defeated him with help from the Toa and Makuta.

Their leader snuck into the Makuta base and stole the data for the battle armor to create his own. However, their titan was killed in the process.

In the final battle, they fought fiercely until the Somets were convinced that Vezon was using them, so Zaktan and the other leaders journeyed to Vezon's lair, where they battled Vezon and Teridax. They were victorious and imprisoned them in the basement.


  • Zaktan (leader)
  • Rediak
  • Hakann
  • Thok
  • Avak
  • Vezok
  • Takadox (temporarily)
  • Brutaka (Deceased)