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"I had no idea who that being was, until I saw the tail"
Boltneck, after Phreak's transformation [src]


Phreak was a former Onu-Matoran and is now a Makuta.


Early Life[]


Phreak as a Matoran

Phreak lived in an unknown land, but was sent to Karzahni and "repaired". Unfortunately, his new form included teeth, claws and a tail. He was then sent to the Southern Continent.

When Voya Nui broke off the continent's surface, Phreak managed to escape and make his way to the Tren Krom Peninsula, where he became friends with a Matoran of Magnetism named Boltneck.

Brotherhood of Makuta[]

3 years before the Karda Nui Saga, Makuta Gorast intended to transform Boltneck into a Makuta, but the attack hit Phreak trying to save his best friend.

Gorast later assigned him to the island of the Energized Protodemis Entity. He attacked the island, until Tockar and Boltneck appeared to stop him. Tockar was defeated, leaving Boltneck to fight his old friend. Phreak defeated the Toa easily and later left the island.

Recently, he purchased a teleportation device from Xia. What he plans to do with it is unknown.

Abilities & Traits[]

As a Matoran, Phreak is very friendly and helpful. He also enjoyed staying out in the light, despite being an Onu-Matoran. However, as a Makuta, he is cold and heartless.

As a Makuta, Phreak can create and absorb Shadow energy, but these blasts are purple for unknown reasons. However, unlike the other Makuta, Phreak was a bio-mechanical being due to a flaw in the transformation, as well as being unable to produce Kraata or use 30 of the 42 Kraata powers. The powers he could use include sonics, power scream, chain lightning and magnetism

Masks and Tools[]

Phreak did not wear a Mask, as Kanohi would no longer fit on his face due to his teeth mutations.

As a Makuta, Phreak had claws, tentacles and a very sharp tail. He can channel his powers through both of these features and can create a controllable Shadow Hand from his tentacles.


  • Phreak's appearance as a Makuta is based off of Ghostfreak's true form from Ben 10.
  • Phreak's name derived from the words "phantom" and "freak"
  • Phreak isn't one of the 15 Makuta alive, as he is not an official Makuta, rather a Bio-Kuta.