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The phoenix is the strongest energy in the entire universe, and nothing rivals it.

Stages of the Phoenix[]

Any Toa that unleashes their phoenix powers enters what is known as "Phoenix Mode". Phoenix mode has three stages:

  • Stage 1: In this stage, the bearer obtains new armor. They also gain some of the power of the phoenix, control of the six main elements, and improved armor.
  • Stage 2: If the phoenix enters stage 2, the bearer obtains a full change in body and weapons. They also get more of this power and more elemental power control.
  • Stage 3: If a being were to ever enter stage 3, they would gain the full power of the phoenix, another armor change, and even more elemental power control.
  • Stage 4 (Kaita-exclusive): The user can combine any elements used against them with the phoenix for a limited time.


  • If a Toa of Plasma or Iron tried to kill a phoenix bearer while in phoenix mode using their elemental powers, they might die due to all the stress they would have to put on their bodies. The phoenix bearer would leave without a scratch.
  • When a phoenix bearer dies, the power passes to a Matoran with the same element.
  • A Toa with the phoenix can fuse into a Grand Toa when in phoenix mode or not.
    • If another Toa fused with the Grand Toa, they would form a Grand Toa Supreme
    • Grand Toa can't enter differnet stages of the phoenix, but they can still use it's power in other ways.
  • Glatorian cannot bear the phoenix due to a lack of elemental power.
  • According to history, only two beings have made it to stage 3; one, being Shadowhawk, was able to contain the power it granted him, and he was banished to another realm. The other one died.
  • If a phoenix bearer enters stage three, they might die when they turn back to normal
  • If a being stays in stage 2 or 3 for too long, the change might be permanent
  • If three Toa fused together at one time, (with at least one bearing the phoenix), they would form a Phoenix Kaita.
    • Any combination of six Toa, one with phoenix energy, form a Phoenix Nui.
  • The power can only be used by a Toa with one of the six main elements.
  • A Matoran with the phoenix cannot access it's powers.
  • This is a power, NOT an element.
  • Anyone with the phoenix can fuse with anyone at will.
  • Normal Toa cannot reach phoenix stage 4 because they aren't as powerful as Kaita, who can access it.

Known Users[]


  • Phoenix Deity
  • Shadowsnake
  • Shadowhawk
  • Intrax (deceased)
  • Mafron (deceased)
  • Teron


  • Ahnkenos
  • Jovan
  • Riha
  • Krotanka
  • Zirhu
  • Rodan
  • Fertamas
  • Geronu
  • Ketatsu
  • Hosatu
  • Metaras