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Mask of Purity
Cleanse impurities in beings and environments

The Kanohi Phiki is the Mask of Purity. It bestows its user with the ability to cleanse targets from impurities and poisons. This mask's power can be used to purify the environment by cleansing pollution in the surroundings. Additionally, it can be directed towards living beings to rid their bodies of toxins and impurities.

When employed on a living target, the mask's power specifically focuses on purifying toxins within their physical bodies; it does not possess the power to heal any physical wounds or injuries the target may have sustained.

As with many masks, the Kanohi Phiki comes in both Great and Noble versions. The Great version boasts a longer duration for the power's effect, providing a more extended cleansing and purification. On the other hand, the Noble version is slightly limited in comparison, with a shorter duration for its cleansing abilities.

In the city of Metru Nui, Kanohi Phiki are crafted using Remove Poison Kanoka.



  • Veuy - shapeshifted version


  • Among Mask Makers, Kanohi Phiki are infamous for being a highly complicated, challenging, and time-consuming mask that even masters struggle to craft correctly. It is also disastrous if made wrong. This makes it an exceptionally rare Kanohi.
  • This mask's power is incapable of cleansing Dark Shed infections, Hordika Venom, and Makuta viruses.