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"Leave them alone, or I'll.. err.. wash you away!"
―Parelis to a Skakdi

Parelis was a Matoran of Gravity, who led a rather unusual life as a Toa of Water.


Parelis once worked in peace in a village on the Southern Continent, along with with his fellow Ba-Matoran.

At some point, Parelis was possessed by an Atrax Wraith, and began to be devoured by the creature. He turned to Toa Vulzaria for help on getting rid of the wraith, though only managed to get an inspirational idea from the Toa.

He managed to trick the wraith into devouring only his body, but leaving his mind intact. He was left as a spirit and mind floating around the air.

He was on the verge of ceasing to exist when he found the living, yet spirit-less body of a Toa of Water who's mind was devoured by the Atrax Wraiths. He took control of the body, though could not use the Toa's powers.

During his time wandering the universe, he came across a village of Ko-Matoran, who were puzzled by his voice, despite the body being female. Though confused, the Ko-Matoran welcomed him. A Skakdi later tried to terrorize them, though Parelis managed to scare the warrior off with threatening to use his powers, despite not having any. For his bravery, the Ko-Matoran gave him a longsword.

Later, when Teridax was killed and the Matoran Universe was disabled, Parelis migrated to the planet of Spherus Magna. When the Toa of Water were assigned to bring all the sea creatures out of the universe and onto Aqua Magna, Parelis was mistaken as one of them, and had to admit that he was not in fact a Toa of Water, but a Ba-Matoran.

Abilities & Traits[]

Parelis is kind and respectful towards his allies, and does anything in his power to help. Ever since being possesed by an Atrax Wraith, his body was destroyed, leaving him as a mind and spirit. He took over a Toa of Water's body, though cannot use any of her powers.

As a Matoran, Parelis wore a powerless Garai, Mask of Gravity, though when his body faded away, the mask faded aswell. However, when he took over a Toa of Water's body, he wears a great Elda. In this formo, he also wields a longsword.