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Paradox of the Abyssmal:Coming of Calamity is the story of the Lord and Master's rise to power, starting from the Reign of Shadows, and ending when the Reign of Shadows end. It will be split into atleast five Story Archs.

The characters Toa Adiahk, Toa Umbron, Makuta Verahk, and Conqueror belong to user Toa Hydros. The characters Ceasame, Shadow Ceasame and Icarax 3 belong to user Pokermask, aswell as the Organization of Darkness, the New Brotherhood of Makuta, and the Order of Teridax. The Order of Great Creators, Deriahk, Vavakx and the organization 682Sitrius belong to Diebeq5b.

News: I've made the final choices for story serials- you can see them below. Choices is discontinued- it'll be replaced by Final Choices in Story Arch Two. I'll post Saviors of Shadows and The Mask of Life that Masked Death tomorrow, along with the weekly bulletin for the series. After that, I'm almost finished with the MOCS and I'll make pages for character profiles and continue the epic.

Table of Contents:[]

Story Arch One- The Reign of Shadows[]

  • First Story Serial- Crossroads of Shadow
  • Second Story Serial- The Mask of Life that Masked Death (Coming Soon)
  • Third Story Serial- Saviors of the Shadows (Coming Soon)

Story Arch Two- Coming of Darkness[]

  • First Story Serial- True Shadows
  • Second Story Serial- Final Choices
  • Third Story Serial- Paradox of The Abyssmal:Book 32- Escapes (<-- Book 32? guess you'll have to wait and see. Bwee hee hee hoo hoo ho ha ha ho...)

Story Arch Three- The Sands of Bara Magna[]

  • First Story Serial- Legacy of the Sands
  • Second Story Serial- The Annals of Galvu Magna
  • Third Story Serial- The Rift

Story Arch One- The Reign of Shadows[]


Helryx, Toa of Water and Leader of the Toa Army, led the Toa army across the sands of Bara Magna. They stopped at the narrowest part of the pass through the Iron Canyon. There, the Skrall Empire's last stronghold, the rebuilt Arena Magna, stood. On the top of the arena stood Tuma, Lord Skrell of the Royal Skrall Family, and an unnamed Skrall General. The last three-hundred Skrall Warriors stood in the pass, weapons at the ready. Helryx and the massive Toa army looked at the Skrall Army's pitiful numbers like Tuma was insane.

"This is madness!" yelled Helryx.

"This is Skrall!" roared Tuma. He raised his sword in the air and charged. "SKRALL! For glory!"

The Skrall didn't make it far. The toa's armor was made of protoderms, to hard to be pierced by Skrall swords or Thornax, and their weapons shattered the Skrall's sheilds. Althoguh Skrall were stronger than any Glatorian, Toa were a far more powerful species, and they, like all the other Glatorian, were unprepared for elemental powers.

Within seconds the Skrall Empire was decimated,Tuma, Lord Skrell, and the Skrall General had fled. Helryx raised her golden mace.

"Let it be known, that hereforth, Bara Magna belongs to the Toa! The Glatorian are fools, weaklings who believe themselves to be powerful, yet we are the True powerful ones! The Agori are lazy, unable to accomplish anything, compared to the Matoran, our people, who build great cities and will grow into honorable Toa warriors! Let no Glatorian or Agori live!"

The Toa cheered. Bara Magna, within one short day, had fallen to the evil Toa.

Gresh walked into their hideout in the Iron Canyon. Looking around, the few among them were the group who had resisted the Skrall three weeks ago: Tarix, Strakk, Raanu, Metus, Berix, and himself. There was also the five Glatorian Legends- Stronius, Ackar, Kiina, Vastus, and Gelu. Lastly were the Agori Scodonius, Kyry, and the Agori who had gotten a Glatorian contract for Vulcanus for Raanu, and a few Bone Hunters including Fero and his Rock Steed Skrimix.

"The Skrall have fallen."

Stronius frowned. "My people. We needed them."

Strakk frowned. "I'd never work alongside a Skrall, even though the Toa are worse. And I thought you were a traitor?"

"I was. I still am. It's a long story actually."

"We have time."

Gresh shook his head. "No we don't. Helryx has have ordered all Glatorian and Agori dead. We have to keep moving."

With heavy hearts, the group took their weapons and prepared for the long journey.

Tarduk and Kirbold rode their Sand Stalkers at the front of the group through the Skrall River. They had escaped the strange half-metallic wolves and gotten reinforcements. Then, with the Skrall gone, they could take the shortest route. Now though, they were going not just to find the Red Star and anything else, but escape the Toa as well.

Crotesius drove the Cendox V1 behind them, with the Glatorian of Fire perditus in the Thornatus, and the two Agori of Water Normadus and Metallius from Tajun in the Kaxium. The Glatorian of Water Razewern of Tajun, and the Glatorian of Ice, Boltkire of Tesara took up the back.

Malum had been struggling for days. Even he knew to flee when the Skrall began to conquer. But on the way, he had come across what resembled a metallic head, and a strange silver substance had leaked out on him. Now he had been trying to get out.

Malum finally pulled himself out. He looked down at himself.


Certavus entered the chamber of the Great Beings. He saw three of them, and spoke the grim news.

"He's free."