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Toa Strike
Aurea Magna

Paldur is a Toa of Stone.


Early Life[]

Paldur is a well known and respected on Atr Nui. He is the leader of Toa Strike.

He once lost his arm in a war, which was later replaced with the Raigeki Gun. He feels responsible for a member of his team who was turned into a Toa of Shadow.

Universal Reform[]

After a battle against "Olmak Guy" that caused the destruction of Hook's Olmak, and damage to Hook's Vahi and Evnika's Ignika there was a sudden temporal displacement which caused the most of the Lightningverse and several other universes to come together and also caused several events to never happen such as the Makuta of Karda Nui's death and Jaller originally being a training robot, this lead to the creation of the Varuverse. After the timeline settled Paldur found himself separated from his team traveling with Kanan and Gali while wondering what had just happened.

Abilities and Traits[]

Paldur is wise and powerful, he is usually serious, but can joke around when not fighting, and is known to cut himself off to the outside world at times. He is filled with guilt, over the failure of being about to save one of his teammates from being turned into a Toa of Shadow. He also has Lightning abilities.

Mask and Tools[]

Paldur wears a Kanohi Pakari. He carries a sword and the Raigeki Gun, which is his left arm, and allows him to channel his lightning powers.


  • Time Collision


  • Originally, he was supposed to be a Jaller Comics exclusive character.
  • His name comes from Pakari and Boldour.
  • He was originally supposed to be a Toa of Earth named Parth, coming from Pakari and Earth, until it was remembered that Toa of Stone are yellow.
  • His greatest fear is becoming a Toa of Shadow, like a member of his team.


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