GroupMatoran Hordika's Army, Balta's Samurai School
ColorsLight Brown, Grey
OccupationFormerly Soldier, now a student at Balta's Samurai School
LocationKowa Mountains

Pakri in Piraka Attack

Pakri was a strong Matoran, who a student at Balta's Samurai School.


Pakri was originally a soldier in Matoran Hordika's Army. When the members retired and went into their newly built home, Shoe Village, Pakri went there too. He lived there peacefully for a long time until in War of the Clones, the village was totally destroyed with poison from the Lerahk army. Pakri hid away with Mataiti and Kauhkahu. They were the only ones to survive. They later met with Tapio and his friends and joined them. One reason was that they recognized their old leader, Matoran Hordika, who was there too. They however, haven't discussed it or even mentioned it.

Pakri, as was majority, was mutated into a beast by the Spiders of Doom in the Invasion of Spiders of Doom. He was cured in the end.

During False Reality, Pakri was just a normal Matoran somewhere, no one knows what he did during that adventure.


Pakri practising his strength on a wooden box.

After that adventure, he joined Balta's Samurai School. He also fought alongside his friends in Piraka Attack. After that, he went to Comic Land with the others and practised in the school at Tapio's comic studio.

Pakri during the Quest for the Four Great Lands.

In Quest for the Four Great Lands, Pakri fough with his friends. He was first captured by Grandeg but fled later. In the end, he moved back to Bio-Land with Balta's Samurai School and Tapio and his friends. There he has continued to be in the school and has made great progress in controlling his amazing strength.

After The Rising of Mata Nui (being possesed by Teridax), most of the the surface of the planet was destroyed. He and billions of other beings then retreated to the Kowa Mountains. He was later killed in the Kowa Mountains Massacre, along with 200 other Matoran.

Abilities and Traits

Pakri is really strong and quite aggressive too. It has been hard for him to control his strength but he is making progress in Balta's Samurai School.


Pakri carries a strong hammer, which he uses to hit and carve with his strength. The hammer is really strong, since it hasn't been shattered already.

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