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Brotherhood of Makuta (formerly)
Shadow (formerly), Light
Kraata powers
Mask of Nightmares (formerly)

Pakark is the Makuta of eastern At-Norx and one of the five members of the Brotherhood of Makuta who, for his loyalty to Miserix, went into hiding.

After being purified by Manauhk, he was transformed into a Makuta of Light.


As a member of the esteemed Brotherhood of Makuta, Pakark fulfilled a crucial role in the universe by creating numerous species of Rahi. His expertise lay in the development of smaller Rahi creatures. Following the conclusion of the Matoran Civil War, Pakark received an assignment from Miserix to serve as a guardian in the eastern region of the island of At-Norx.

When Teridax called for a gathering on Destral, seeking to usurp the leadership of the Brotherhood and unveil his plan to assail the Great Spirit Mata Nui, Pakark stood alongside Miserix and three other Makuta in a temporary pause. However, overwhelming support swayed in favor of Teridax, resulting in his ascension as the organization's new leader while dooming Miserix to an impending demise.

Anticipating Teridax's merciless retribution against those deemed disloyal during the meeting, Pakark and two fellow Makuta embarked on a clandestine escape to the island of Stelt. Their flight, however, did not go unnoticed, as a assassin from the Brotherhood named Bedurox pursued them. The Makuta united their forces to vanquish Bedurox before parting ways.

In an effort to elude any future threats from the Brotherhood, Pakark took the life of a Dark Hunter known as "Frustrator" and assumed his identity, skillfully concealing his true nature. Eventually, the Brotherhood issued a declaration of Pakark's demise, unaware of his transformation into the guise of the Dark Hunter Frustrator. Through his mastery of illusions, he remained undetected.

Following Teridax's eventual demise, Pakark migrated to Spherus Magna along with the rest of the surviving beings.

The Invasion[]

During the invasion of Spherus Magna by the Chorak, Vavakx, an esteemed Alpha Being, enlisted the aid of Pakark, operating under his Dark Hunter persona, to join forces with Deriahk in the daring mission of rescuing Gryk, an elder Agori. Together, they successfully located Gryk in the forest and safely escorted him to a refuge. It was there that Gryk proposed a potential solution to the ongoing conflict: the fabled Kanohi Gebuk, Mask of Wishes. Tasked with finding this legendary artifact, Pakark and Deriahk formed a team alongside Vilrohk.

In their quest to discover the current possessor of the mask, a Glatorian named Ganiaz, the group ventured into the forest and sought answers from Makuta Zakkond, who resided within a nearby cave.

Subsequently, they encountered a Matoran in peril and swiftly came to his aid. Grateful for their assistance, the Matoran led them to Ganiaz, who proposed a challenge: that someone engage her in combat for possession of the Mask of Wishes. Vilrohk accepted the duel and emerged victorious, securing the Kanohi. However, their return to the refuge was marred by an unforeseen turn of events when the Matoran they had rescued, revealed to be Makuta Nutrex, betrayed them and fled with the mask.

In light of this betrayal, Pakark made the decision to disclose his true identity as a Makuta to Deriahk and Vilrohk, teleporting them back to the refuge. Initially, Deriahk suspected Pakark's involvement in Nutrex's treacherous scheme and launched an attack, but Pakark swiftly clarified his intentions. United once again, the group rallied to aid Vavakx in his battle against Hantrek, who had recently been released by Nutrex with the Mask of Wishes.

Dimensional Travel[]

Following the intense battle against Hantrek, Pakark retreated to Zakkond's cave, where he finally revealed his true identity as a Makuta. A fierce clash erupted between the two Makuta; however, their fight was abruptly interrupted by the unexpected arrival of Vezon, a Skakdi emerging from a dimensional portal. Utilizing his teleportation abilities, Vezon whisked Pakark and Zakkond away to an alternate universe.

In this unfamiliar realm, they encountered an alternate version of Bedurox, who divulged that in his world, the Alpha Beings reigned as oppressive tyrants while he fought alongside a resistance. Pakark and Zakkond were introduced to the leader of the resistance, Tahkod, and, in exchange for their eventual return to their own universe, they agreed to join the cause. Their next move took them to the Coliseum, where they orchestrated a daring infiltration during a meeting of the Alpha Beings. Seizing the opportunity, Tahkod eliminated Mersny, the leader of the kingdom, and declared himself as his successor.

However, before Tahkod could establish his rule, an alternate version of Vavakx emerged and delivered an inspiring speech, urging his brethren to cast aside their oppressive ways. Moved by Vavakx's words, the Alpha Beings embraced him as their new leader, and Tahkod met his demise. Expressing gratitude to Pakark and Zakkond, Vavakx opened a dimensional portal to facilitate their return.

Attack on Metru Magna and Betrayal[]

Reappearing at the refuge, Pakark and Zakkond joined forces with the others on a critical mission to rescue Vavakx, who had been captured by the Chorak.

Pakark was assigned to work alongside Kapokhed, the chosen bearer of the Kanohi Gebuk, for their joint endeavor. It was during this time that Kapokhed gave a distressing revelation to Pakark: Deriahk had betrayed him by exposing his true identity to The Shadowed One, the leader of the Dark Hunters. Shortly thereafter, the self-destruction mechanism of the Spherus Magna Council Headquarters was activated, leading to an unexpected ceasefire with the Chorak.

Realizing that returning to the Dark Hunters would result in his demise, Pakark made the fateful decision to betray his allies. Once it was confirmed that Hantrek had perished and Kapokhed had utilized the power of the Kanohi Gebuk to secure a millennium of peace for the survivors, Pakark seized the Mask of Wishes and made his daring escape.


In his seclusion, Pakark delved into ancient legends and uncovered the tale of the Entropy Relics. Through his studies, he learned of the relics' ability to transport one to the Spiritual Dimension, where the powers of the Kanohi Gebuk would know no bounds. This revelation ignited a desire within him to reshape reality according to his whims.

Pakark managed to acquire two of the relics: the Dagger of Space, which he carried on his person at all times, and the Chain of Spirit, which he concealed within Zakkond's former cave nestled in the forest. For a period, he utilized the cave as his operational base, conducting experiments in preparation for his grand plan. Gradually, he hypothesized that to harness the full potential of the Kanohi Gebuk and manifest his desired new world, he would need to sacrifice a life to fuel its immense power. Thus, he began abducting and slaying Matoran, employing the Dagger of Space to test his theory. Unfortunately, these macabre endeavors gradually corroded his sanity.

One thousand years elapsed, and Pakark targeted Turaga Kryehk, the leader of a village, kidnapping her and assuming her identity. Within this deceptive guise, he continued his vile experiments. When one of the sacrificed Matoran was discovered, Pakark, to avert suspicion, dispatched Kapokhed, now a guardian of the village, to seek aid from Vavakx in Metru Magna. However, more bodies were swiftly unearthed by other patrols, intensifying the urgency of the situation.

Kapokhed returned in the company of Veuy, who employed his powers to examine the deceased Matoran. Pakark revealed one of the Entropy Relics in his possession, the Dagger of Space, hopeful that Veuy might possess pertinent knowledge concerning it. Unbeknownst to Pakark, Kapokhed held the final relic he sought, the Gem of Destiny. However, their village fell under attack by an entity named Boparok, who succeeded in seizing the gem.

During their subsequent investigations, the team encountered Zakkond and ventured to his former cave in the forest. Within its depths, they stumbled upon more Matoran corpses. Boparok appeared within the cave and engaged them in combat. It was at this moment that Pakark unveiled the hidden relic, the Chain of Spirit, and unleashed dark pulses, incapacitating his adversaries. Veuy, realizing they had been deceived, witnessed Pakark shedding his Kryehk disguise.

Claiming the gem from Boparok and wresting the dagger from Veuy, Pakark journeyed to Metru Magna, intent on sacrificing the true Kryehk and reactivating the Kanohi Gebuk. The team, however, arrived to thwart his plans just as he commenced opening a gateway to the Spiritual Dimension. Veuy pursued him into the dimension.

Within the ethereal realm, Pakark and Veuy briefly clashed. The Alpha Being wrested the Mask of Wishes from Pakark's face and broke it into fragments. With his grand designs shattered, Pakark surrendered and was apprehended.

Ultimately, Pakark found himself confined within the dungeons of Metru Magna, his cell secured by specialized chains affixed to the walls. Vavakx paid him a visit, and as Pakark confronted the depths of his depravity, he succumbed to despair. Seized by an uncontrollable frenzy, he thrashed about, his chains gleaming, unleashing screams and inconsolable tears. Reduced to this savage state, Vavakx realized that the Makuta had become irretrievably lost within his own madness.

Old Grievances[]

A year had passed when the city of Metru Magna fell under attack by the Alpha Being known as Mersny. Emerging from the Red Star, Mersny descended upon the city with a catastrophic impact.

Commanding an army of grotesque creatures, Mersny set his sights on assassinating Vavakx, who sought refuge in an underground bunker. Meanwhile, Pakark, confined to his cell, listened intently to the sounds of battle. Suddenly, Deriahk appeared before him, accompanied by a being named Manauhk. Employing its purifying abilities, Manauhk cleansed Pakark of his moral darkness and cured his madness, transforming him into a Makuta of Light.

Pakark, Deriahk, and Manauhk infiltrated Vavakx's bunker, rescuing him and swiftly teleporting him away from the besieged city. Meanwhile, Pakark and Veuy opted to remain behind to aid the survivors.

Veuy organized survivors, while Pakark employed his illusions to conceal them as they made their escape. However, during the final moments, Pakark fell victim to an attack, causing his illusions to dissipate and exposing the group. Veuy valiantly served as a diversion, engaging Mersny's monstrous forces while the others fled, carrying the unconscious Pakark with them.

Pakark eventually regained consciousness within a camp, where he was welcomed by Deriahk. It was there that he learned of Veuy's capture at the hands of Mersny during his mission. Driven by unwavering determination, Vavakx departed the camp alone, embarking on a perilous quest to rescue Veuy. Meanwhile, Pakark and his remaining companions were left with no choice but to confront Mersny's formidable army once more.

The ensuing battle raged on with unyielding intensity, and Pakark displayed remarkable resilience, enduring until the very end. However, just as defeat seemed imminent, Deriahk and Vilrohk arrived, turning the tide of the battle and securing victory.

In the aftermath, Pakark received the news of Vavakx's demise during his fateful encounter with Mersny. He participated in the commemoration held in honor of Vavakx's memory, joining others in paying tribute to the fallen leader.

The Flare of Chaos[]

Pakark and Deriahk occasionally found themselves partnered on missions, but their relationship remained fraught with tension. While Pakark had managed to forgive Deriahk for his betrayal during the Invasion, Deriahk struggled to reconcile with the Makuta.

One fateful day, Prefect Eukar of the Skakdi Alliance shared troubling information with Deriahk. It was revealed that the Spherus Magna Council had succumbed to corruption, with Turaga Koved seizing the opportunity to ascend as the new President.

Taking decisive action, Deriahk formed an alliance with Koved in order to conduct surveillance on him. With Pakark's assistance, they uncovered evidence that the Spherus Magna Refuge had been involved in illicit operations in Xianori, confirming the deep-rooted corruption within the Council.


During this period, Xianori was embroiled in a civil war, driven by a faction of Bukgu rebels.

Upon revealing the Council's corruption to Toa Nugru, Deriahk embarked on a mission alongside Pakark to Tatrirh, the Chorak Hive. Their objective was to secure the aid of the Chorak in quelling the Xianori Rebellion. Recognizing an opportunity for redemption and armed with a formidable army, the Chorak Queen Lixis willingly joined their cause.

Prior to their journey to Xianori, Eukar delivered a forewarning to Deriahk, alerting him to the imminent danger he faced. This granted both Deriahk and Pakark ample time to prepare for the challenges ahead. As they arrived in the kingdom, Pakark opted to remain concealed while Deriahk, along with the Chorak forces, confronted the rebellion head-on.

With the threat contained, Queen Chorak Lixis made her entrance, persuading the rebel leader, Kapokhed, about the fallacy of his actions. Kapokhed, on the brink of surrender, became a vessel for the essence of the Kanohi Gebuk, which emerged and posed a grave threat to Queen Lixis. Without hesitation, Deriahk positioned himself between Kapokhed and the Queen, prepared to sacrifice himself.

Witnessing the unfolding events from a distance, Pakark swiftly utilized his powers to move at the speed of light, saving Deriahk from harm's way. Employing an intricate illusion, Pakark created the appearance of Deriahk succumbing to the attack. Although Deriahk survived, he sustained injuries and his Kanohi was shattered, rendering him unconscious.

Pakark transported Deriahk to a secure location, where tended to his injuries. Together, they prepared to operate covertly, poised to thwart the Koved's machinations from the shadows.

Abilities and Traits[]


Pakark, before his transformation into a Makuta of Light.

Pakark's journey shaped him into a resilient survivor, always striving to secure the best possible position in any given situation. Although arrogance and cruelty were part of his character, he saw no value in gratuitous acts of evil. Adhering to the law of the strongest, Pakark maintained a rational mindset and embraced the ethical values synonymous with Miserix's reign. As a practical Makuta, he refrained from killing for pleasure, considering those who derived pleasure from such acts to be deranged barbarians.

Within the Dark Hunters, Pakark's persona as "Frustrator" earned him a reputation for intelligence, patience, and cunning. Employing subtle mental manipulations, he skillfully concealed his true nature, ensuring it remained hidden from prying eyes.

Deriahk's betrayal and the subsequent years of conducting gruesome experiments took a toll on Pakark's sanity, gradually eroding his mental stability. Defeated and imprisoned, he came to realize that he had lost control of himself, descending into complete madness.

However, following his transformation into a being of light, Pakark experienced a purification of his psyche, freeing him from the shackles of his deranged state. Embracing his newfound nature, he rejected the darkness that once consumed him.


As a Makuta, Pakark possessed elemental control over Shadows and the ability to wield the 42 Kraata powers.

Upon being purged of his moral darkness by Manauhk, his Shadow powers were replaced with Light, and several of his Kraata powers also changed. As a Makuta of Light, he gained new abilities such as telekinesis, courage, and peace, reminiscent of the Makuta from the Alternate Universe of the Melding. Additionally, he attained the ability to move at the speed of light.

Mastering the art of illusions, Pakark became adept at concealing his true identity within the Dark Hunters. Forced to rely on this skill for self-preservation, he refrained from openly employing his powers. In battle, his illusions became valuable assets, enabling him to obscure his movements and intentions.

By combining his illusionary talents with his newfound light-based powers, Pakark can create intricate solid-light constructs, flawlessly mimicking the appearance of any being or creature that he envisions. Notably, he utilized this technique to create a convincing illusion of Deriahk's lifeless body, successfully deceiving the entire population of Spherus Magna about the Skakdi's demise.

Additionally, Pakark showcases exceptional dueling skills, making him a formidable combatant.

Mask and Tools[]

Pakark initially wore a Great Mask of Nightmares, but upon infiltrating the ranks of the Dark Hunters, he discarded it. In combat, he wields a sword, which serves both as a weapon and a conduit for channeling his powers.