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Ozeka was a De-Matoran who wore a Kanohi Tryna.



Karda Nui[]

Ozeka was one of the first Fe-Matoran. He has headed to Karda Nui to live in a Av-Matoran Village. Protected by the Toa Mata, Ozeka stayed. When the Toa Mata headed to the Codrex, Ozeka went to Mata Nui.

Mata Nui[]

He went to Mata Nui and befriended the Rahi. When the Energized Protodermis made Mata Nui seem like what it is now,Ozeka made a boat and sailed to the Northern Continent.

Sailing Journey[]

Ozeka kept drifting in the sea. He spotted 6 Toa Canisters and an unidentified vehicle.

Northern Continent[]

He came upon a beach. Ozeka knew he had to get off the boat. He met some Matoran. After he met the Makuta Gorast (by spying), he decided to warn the Matoran but instead saw a fight between Mazeka and Vultraz.

Ozeka then saw Vultraz's plans to capture the De-Matoran and tried to warn the village. But he was too late to give the warning of the impending Sonic Attack.

Luckily, he covered his own ears and escaped the chaos.

A Botar-Like being soon teleported him to Metru Nui.

Metru Nui[]

Ozeka chased the Botar-Like Being.He then got teleported to Daxia.


Jerbraz told Ozeka to act as a liaison with Toa Nykos, to which he agreed.

Metru Nui[]

Ozeka was teleported back to Metru Nui.He told Toa Nykos that he has to protect the matoran.Ozeka was given a glider.

Karda Nui[]

He got into Karda Nui.It was unknown how he got there.Ozeka asked Toa Nykos if he was a hero.He studied the energy storm and was amazed at the components and that it starts every time Mata Nui awakens.He escaped the Matoran Universe,heading into Bara Magna.


Bara Magna[]

Ozeka touched a mysterious crystal transforming him into a excessifly large Toa of Sonics and a member of the newly formed Toa Bara.


  • Ozeka wears a Kanohi Tryna.

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