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Ovcina Ghjis
Title Great Mask of War Cries
Powers Boosting the user's speed, strength, and armor.
Component disks Unknown, possibly similar process to producing Pakari
Pronunciation Ohv-see-nuh

The Kanohi Ovcina is the Mask of War Cries.

When activated, the Mask would boost the strength and speed of the wearer, as well as reducing the amount of damage they take. The Nuva version allowed others near the user to share this boost in power. However, the mask will "overheat" after a certain, and will have to "cool down" before it can be used again. It has been speculated that repeated usage may cause some mental damage to the user, though this has yet to be proven.

Example usage

  • Ghjis once used the Nuva version during an unknown battle, giving him and his men an edge.

Known bearers


  • The mask power was inspired by the War Cry ability from the videogame Transformers: War For Cybertron.