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Order of Mata Nui
Fire & Air
Great Arthron
Nynrah GhostBlaster
OAR-IS vahr

The Veteran Toa of Both the elements of Wind and Fire, he acts as a Mentor to Vair.


Early Life[]

Orisvar says little about his early life to Vair. In fact, the only thing that he has told her is that he once stole a ghostblaster from a Makuta, which is the only tool he uses. At some point, he was recruited by the OoMN.

Vair's Blog[]

He was given a mission by the OoMN to find Kala, a agent they had sent out to retrieve a powerful weapon, and bring the Staff of Time back to the order. He recruited Vair to come along with them under the cover of researching rahi, except she accidently picked up a Toa stone given to him by Botar. Afterwards, he and Vair met up with Lehxal and Phavion. There they traveled to Kala's home island, where they found his "Tomb". After a brief battle with Rahkshi and Dark hunters, the Toa escaped with Kala, and started heading towards MakTuule's home to awaken Kala. After Kala was awakened, the Toa and Skakdi left to Vazerax's island, where the staff of time was being kept. After a battle with Vazerax, Orisvar witnessed the supposed death of Vazerax after he was hit by a full scale Nova Blast unleashed by Vair. Afterwards, he and Kala left to the OoMN, and he eventually gave a piece of Vair's journal to the OoMN for a record of events.

Abilities and Traits[]

A rare multi-elemental Toa, he posseses the powers of Air and Fire. He is quiet and stoic, often telling Vair little, and letting her figure things out on his own. He acts as both her mentor, and her enemy, he once used his ghostblaster to create a invisible prison that prevents her from leaving him. He deems Vair as important to his mission. He believes that the mind is the best weapon one can use, and over time he has built up a large collection of knowledge, leading up to Vair calling him a "Walking Knowledge Tower".

Mask & Tools[]

Orisvar wears the Great Arthron, the Mask of Sonar, which gives him echolocation abilities for detection. He uses a Nynrah Ghostblaster, instead for his original weapon.

Combat Style[]

Orisvar does not have a paticular style he is trained in, however, he practices Sila, Basto, Dag, Lihtne, and Napad. He rarely uses any of these, with the exception of Sila and Basto.



  • He enjoys Vair company, but she often gets on his nerves.
  • He doesn't like plants.
  • He doesn't have a theme.