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Orion 1
Powers Electrified hands

Fire Cannon

Status Active
Location Unknown
Pronunciation Ore-I-on

Orion 1 is a robot created by Gemini using a Fire Toa Stone.



The Orion 1 was created by the rogue Toa of Plasma, Gemini. Using a Toa Stone stolen from a village, he created a mechanical being to house it. Orion 1 was it's name.

Gemini fused the stone deep inside the robot, elementally charging it with Fire. He then installed an artificial intelligence matrix in Orion 1's body, and activated it.

Abilities and Traits



  • Flame Burst: Orion 1 can fire a blast of fire from his hands. These can be fired machine gun-style or one at a time.
  • Electric Shock: Orions 1-6 can electrify their hands for combat.


  • Orion 1 is named after Ultraman Orion, a character from an awesome fanfiction on the Ultra-Fan Wikia.