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The Orilisk V3 is a chariot vaehicle used by the Agori Crelex, and now by Helius.

Orilisk V3
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User(s) Crelex, (formerly, deceased) , Helius
Functionality Transport, arena combat
Tools Side Blades
Status In use


The Orilisk V3 was built by the Agori Crelex of the Ice Tribe. Soon after building the vehicle, Crelex couldn't afford a motor for the vehicle, and instead purchased a Spikit to pull the chariot. Crelex used this vehicle in arena matches, and eventually became a champion pilot. After Crelex was buried and killed in a deliberate cave-in, the Orilisk and it's Spikit was put up for high price in Iconox. The Agori Helius traded a mound of Exsidian in for the vehicle, and now owns it. He now uses it for defending the Agori mega-city and traveling out in the desert for bits of armour to melt down and enhance.


The Orilisk V3 is armed with two side blades for ripping armour off another opponent's vehicle, and Exsidian chains for the Spikit. Helius, the current owner, has equiped extra armour to the vehicle.