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Order of Rahara
An underground base located in the desert of Spherus Magna
Active; severely crippled
Great Beings, any opposition

The Order of Rahara was a power-hungry organization dedicated to overthrowing the Great Beings. It was founded by the exiled Leader Class Skrall, Tritax.


Formation and Early Activities[]

Some time after his exile, Tritax stumbled upon the ancient underground base of the long-dead being Rahara. Inspired by Rahara's writings, which he discovered within the network of caves, Tritax founded the Order of Rahara in order to overthrow the Great Beings and conquer the planet of Spherus Magna.

Through skillful persuasion, and a bit of thievery, Tritax was able to slowly build up his forces. He managed to make agreements with several Element Lords, allowing him to receive captured soldiers, who Tritax then brain-washed and added to his legions.

During this period, several of Tritax's elite agents traveled to the Valley of the Maze, where they managed to steal a large amount of Lightstones, and kidnapped the Ga-Matoran Kai.

The Ways Entwine[]

Near the very end of the Core War, Tritax received two prisoners from the Ice Tribe, a Fire Agori named Priduk, and an Ice Agori named Zora.

The same day, Tritax had rescued a Bone Hunter named Roden, and a Sand Agori named Jallar from a Skopio in a canyon above his base. Whilst trying to persuade Roden to submit to the brain-washing procedure, Tritax was forced to fight a duel with the angry Bone Hunter. Tritax won, and Roden was placed in a cell to await brain-washing.

Tritax attempted to use his brain-washing helmet on Roden, but the procedure failed, though the insane Skrall did not realize this fact at the time. Thinking Roden was now under his control, Tritax then ordered Roden to guard Priduk and Zora. However, Roden freed the two Agori, and the three of them left the cell.

Some time later, Tritax was ambushed by Zora, and forced to tell her the location of the control room. She then left and, with the help of Roden, Jallar, and Priduk, managed to negate the effects of the brain-washing helmet. Thus freed from their enslavement, Tritax's legions escaped his headquarters, leaving his army nonexistent.

In a final attempt at revenge, Tritax sent six of his Baterra Prototypes to kill the Bone Hunter and the three Agori, but this attempt failed, as the Baterra were destroyed by their intended victims.

The current status of the Order of Rahara is unknown, but it is known to be still active, though severely crippled.


Known Members[]

  • None currently known.

Known Servants[]

  • Kai (Formerly)
  • Several Baterra Prototypes
  • An unknown number of brain-washed Agori and Glatorian (Formerly)