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Order of Mata Nui Elite Corps
Order of Mata Nui Elite Corps Information
Species Affliation'
AlliesOrder of Mata Nui, anything that's allied with it
EnemiesBrotherhood of Makuta
LeaderCurrent: Boltneck Former: Axonn, Hydraxon

The Order of Mata Nui Elite Corps are a division of elite Order of Mata Nui agents. They are distinguished by gold or silver armor.


The Order of Mata Nui Elite Corps was founded by Hydraxon shortly after the Order's founding. They were meant to act as enforcers to keep the Universe running smoothly. After Hydraxon was assigned as the jailer of the Pit, Axonn was put in charge, until he and Brutaka were sent to Voya Nui.

After the Great Cataclysm, the Elite Corps were reorganized into a division meant to battle the Brotherhood of Makuta. When the time will come, a mechanism in their armor will activate, revamping their armor to suit the war.

Tockar was the leader from his joining the Order up to 3 years before the Karda Nui saga. After his "death", a new leader was assigned, who died before the Order of Mata Nui/Brotherhood of Makuta War. During the War, Boltneck was put in charge and led all available Elite Corps agents against the Brotherhood.


Silver Division[]

Gold Division[]

  • Tockar (Leader)
  • "Ancient" (deceased)
  • Botar (deceased)
  • Brutaka
  • "Brutal"
  • Rewa
  • A four-armed agent who carries a multi-bladed axe (deceased)