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Order of Mata Nui (Regin of fear)
Order of Mata Nui (Regin of fear) Information
Species AffliationVarious
AlliesMatoran, Toa,
EnemiesPiraka Empire
GoalServe the will of Mata Nui, Defeat the Pirka empire


Almost 100,000 years ago, the Hand of Artakha disbanded itself, due to the lack of discipline among its ranks. The members were scattered, and the Toa took the mantle as public defenders. One of the Hand's members, Toa Helryx, felt the need for a secretive organization dedicated to Mata Nui's will, and founded the Order of Mata Nui. She recruited many of the Hand's former members, and created the rule that no other Toa were to be allowed in the Order.

The Order continued to maintain the balance of the universe in secret, keeping their existence from the rest of the universe. Among other things, they experimented on Ehlek's species, and had Botar send many 'unredeemable' villains to the Pit. They also never openly intervened in any wars, preferring to come in during the aftermath. Due to their secrecy, they have no need to consider the morals of other beings in their quest to carry out the will of the Great Spirit, and as such can act without impunity. The nature of their organization has only been disclosed to a few beings.

Recently, the Order prepared to come out of hiding and wage war against the Piraka empire. Currently, some agents are attacking the Shadowed One's fortress.

The Kingdom[]

In The Kingdom Alternate Universe, the Order of Mata Nui revealed their existence after Mata Nui died. They then assisted in evacuating many of the Matoran Universe's beings to the island of Mata Nui. They also helped Toa Takanuva force the Makuta back underground when they attempted to make their way to the surface world. Soon after, the Order's leader, Helryx, became a member of Turaga Takanuva's ruling council.

Known Actions[]

  • Sent Axonn and Brutaka to guard the Mask of Life.
  • Took various Av-Matoran from their homeland and scattered them across the Matoran Universe.
  • Had Botar take all those who were judged "irredeemable" to The Pit.
  • Did experiments on Ehlek's species, hoping to create beings who could combat Makuta. The experiments were unsuccessful. It should be noted that the Order did not announce or introduce themselves in any way while doing this, so their targets did not know the identities of their benefactors, and therefore do not know of the Order's existence.
  • Had Tobduk track down and kill all who knew the location of Artakha, including the Makuta who was stationed there.
  • Planted evidence around Metru Nui that supported Mata Nui's deception after he had changed the stars to fool Teridax.
  • Turned Krakua into a Toa so he could act as a liaison between them and Toa.


  • Recruit Brutaka, Pokus, Keetongu, Antroz, Savage, Krahka and Irnakk, and send them to do some missions, including the recruit of rahi into the Order's army.
  • Attack the Shadowed One's fortress.


Regin of fear