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This is a page about the leaders and commanders in each group.

Vavakx, Teridax, Dark Vavakx & Hantrek[]

Order of the Great Creators[]


Vavakx is the leader of the Order of the Great Creators. He first appeared in 2007 as a Barraki. There's probably not a single person who doesn't know Vavakx. He's that famous. He is the star in the 2nd season of Bionicle Tales.

Organization of Darkness[]


He is the main villain in Bionicle and main leader of the Organization of Darkness. He took over 15 BoM members to the organization and gave Hantrek the job to help Dark Vavakx to help him lead them.

Dark Vavakx[]

Dark Vavakx is known as Vavakx's enemie. He is really Zakkond but he died before he was reborn to Dark Vavakx. Now Vavakx & Dark Vavakx are in the Universe Core and prepare to fight each other.


Hantrek is the third leader of the Organization of Darkness and the first leader-female of it. Where she is, her story, etc is unknown.

The Two Commanders[]


Deriahk is Vavakx's assistant and the commander of the Order of the Great Creators. He helped Vavakx to take Kirop, Vican and Jucrot to Daxia and arrest them. He has currently escaped from the Universe Core.


Ceasame is Vavakx's rival. He was in the swamp of secrets and fought great beings there. Now he has escaped to the Southern Continent with Drakerix.

Organization of Darkness (v

Leaders: Teridax

Commanders: Ceasame  • Zaktuen

Members: Verahk  • Tazzuk  • Vakura  • Ohtvek  • Intor  • Render  • Vicoran

Servants: Tuma  • Vahi Makuta  • Shadow Lurax  • New Brotherhood of Makuta  • Kraahkan  • Kraahkan

Former members: Mata Knight  • Hantga  • Lhikan  •  • Bedurox  • Tridax/Super Makuta  • Rahkshi Army  • Makuta of Gamulu  • Vezon  • Orriki  • Raniza  • Shados  • Visorak HordeTagah  

Deceased members: Drakerix  • Zomahk  • Dertbrez  • Zakkond/Dark Vavakx  • Hantrek (Deceased)  • Nutrex (Deceased)  • Frezako

Former servants: Krakua  • Great Shadow of Universe/682Sitrius  • Eritko  •  • Hades  • Shadow Klakk Horde

Bases: Universe Core (Formerly)  • Teridax Nui  • Bara Magna  • Spherus Magna  • Karzahni