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Orbita Magna
Primary ResidentsMachines, Zorthex, Glatorian, Agori, Proto-Toa
Former ResidentsGreat Beings
"This planet is dead, Estor, and you know that. No matter what we do, our world will not be the same again. All we're doing on this planet is trying to live longer than others by fightng against the odds. Soon enough, we'll be eliminated by those shells of wires and circuits, and what will happen then, you ask? I'll tell what'll happen; nothing."
―Resistance member Lhurias to Estor.

Orbita Magna is a devastated, ruined planet somewhere in the galaxy.


During the creation of Mata Nui, the Great Beings made prototypes of the Toa. However, the prototypes seemed to have a psychotic personality, and the Great Beings imprisoned them on Orbita Magna. Some criminals on Spherus Magna were sent to Orbita Magna as punishment. The inhabitants soon began building cities, where they lived. However, a Zorthex named Orbrius began building an army of machines, and unleashed them upon the cities, killing many inhabitants and wrecking the cities. During a battle to claim a power plant, a vat conatining a special virus was destroyed, which led to the virus being unleashed, infecting many beings and turning them into mutated monsters. A small resistance was soon formed, led by the Proto-Toa Estor. Orbrius's army soon ravaged the planet, and Estor's resistance became more determined to stop Orbrius and the infected beings.

Recently, the planet was hit by a fragment of Aqua Magna during its descent to Bara Magna in order to reform Spherus Magna. The fragment caused the planet to spin off of it's axes, and it started to drift towards another, larger planet named Deralin. It then started to orbit the larger planet.


Orbita Magna was formerly a planet teeming with life, but after Orbrius ravaged it with his machine armies, it became described as "lifeless". The planet has been overrun with Orbrius's machine armies, with barely any other life-forms inhabiting the surface. The oceans were poisoned by the amount of waste plunged into it's depths, and are now near-corrosive. There are still reservoir's scattered in the city, and are precious to the Resistance Members. One of these reservoirs is located within the resistance base. The planet itself is grey, rocky, and ruined.

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